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"Indeed, ma'am, you can know nothing of them, if you say so," answered the first lady, warmly. "I was born and brought up among them. I know they do feel, just as keenly, even more so, perhaps, as we do."

Duty had commanded him to mount his steed, but how pale and haggard was his shrewd face, usually so animated! Just in front of the Ortlieb mansion the commander of the German knights rode to his side, and Eva saw how warmly he shook him by the hand, as if he desired to show the old man very cordially his deep sympathy in some sore trouble which had assailed him.

With the return of the native to the city of his adoption there is no native New Yorker in the strict sense of the word Outside Inn was besieged by clamorous patrons. Gaspard, with the adaptability of his race, had evolved what was practically a perfect system of presenting the balanced ration to an unconscious populace, and the populace was responding warmly to his treatment.

To pacify him, somebody remarked that it was only a Russian, but he retorted warmly, "that after victory there are no enemies, but only men!" He then dispersed the officers of his suite, in order to succour the wounded, who were heard groaning in every direction.

"It's a difficulty that has already been pointed out. If I ever marry, the girl I choose will believe in me in spite of appearances. In fact, she'll have to: I have no medals and decorations to bring her." "You have much that's worth more!" Mrs. Keith declared warmly, moved by his steadfastness. "Still, it's a severe test for any girl." She laid her hand gently on his arm.

But his officers thought otherwise: they were brave men; 'and, says Robertson, 'they all approved warmly of his intention to fight.

Fanny had a large Christmas cake out cooling on the table, and mince pies and tartlets all ready to go into the oven, while on a clean white cloth at one end of the table were laid half a dozen large saffron cakes and a lot of saffron nubbies to cool. "O Fanny, how I adore you!" cried Dan, hugging her warmly. "No one in the world reads my thoughts as you do.

But Martie could not assume the implied dignity. "Cliff is a dear!" she said lightly, warmly. "Rose has seen this coming for a long time," Rodney pursued. "Rose is the greatest little matchmaker!" This was the final irony, thought Martie. To have Rose credited with this change in her fortunes suddenly touched her sense of humour. She did not speak. "The past is the past," said Rodney.

Grace and Flora had been told by the other girls what had happened on the day of Sylvia's disappearance from school. May Bailey had declared that Sylvia must have "run straight to the teacher," and that she was a telltale as well as a "Yankee." Grace had defended her friend warmly. "I don't know how Miss Rosalie found out, but I'm sure Sylvia did not tell," she declared.

I laughed at Tom Herbert," continued Mr. Carlyle; "turned his report into ridicule also, before I had done with him." "Will it be the means of causing Richard's detection?" murmured Mrs. Hare from between her dry lips. "No, no," warmly responded Mr. Carlyle.