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To Rosalie our Cato affected prodigality; he professed a life of elegance, showing her in perspective the splendid part played by a woman of fashion in Paris, whither he meant to go as Depute. All these manoeuvres were crowned with complete success.

With a strange quietness Rosalie gave orders to the Notary and Mrs. Flynn. There was a light in her eyes an unnatural light of strength and presence of mind. Her hand was steady, and as gently as a mother with a child she wiped the moist forehead, and poured a little brandy between the set teeth. "Stand back give him air," she said, in a voice of authority to those who crowded round.

Before I go, I will tell you something which will give you an idea of the excellent disposition of young Petri, to whose happiness Rosalie seems essential. "He only told me the following, after I had absolutely refused to take charge of a letter he had written to Rosalie, despairing of being able to send it any other way.

Rosalie even had to hold on to the table to prevent herself from falling. One day, before their first communion, it seemed, Zephyrin had filched three black radishes from old Rouvet. They were very tough radishes indeed tough enough to break one's teeth; but Rosalie all the same had crunched her share of the spoil at the back of the schoolhouse.

For yet about Rosalie's light footsteps trailed back some clouds of glory, and through the eyes of Rosalie one still caught visions of the glory and the dream. And high as are the peaks of the Fifth Reader Heights, Mary Agatha stood on one yet higher. Mary Agatha went to church, not only on Sundays, but on Saints' days. Mary Agatha loved to go to church.

But as the Magdalene turned, there was a great stir in the multitude, for the face bent upon them was that of Rosalie Evanturel. Awe and wonder moved the people. Apart from the crowd, under a clump of trees, knelt a woodsman from Vadrome Mountain, and the tailor of Chaudiere stood beside him.

'Oh! old Bambousse is quite right, murmured Lisa, a short dark girl, with gleaming eyes; 'when one has vines, one looks after them. Since his reverence so particularly desired to marry Rosalie, he can very well do it all alone. The other girl, Babet, who was humpbacked, tittered. 'There's mother Brichet, she said; 'she is always here. She prays for the whole family.

But Rosalie, happy though grumpy, stopped her; "Come, come, Madame Jeanne, stop that; you will make it cry." And then she added, probably in answer to her own thoughts: "Life, after all, is not as good or as bad as we believe it to be."

For Uncle Tony, in the springs of long ago, had loved the girl who was now Mrs. Jerry Dustin. They were such wander-mad dreamers, Tony and Rosalie, and exactly alike in those days. They used to go together to watch an occasional picnic train or election special go through the station, and they thought because they were so exactly alike they would most surely marry.

Why, how very, very glad she was to see her dear Rosalie again! And how Rosalie had developed! "Why, Rosalie, you are beautiful! You are! And you don't blush or simper to hear it! Yes, you are beautiful." There was a little room in a street somewhere off the Harrow Road that Miss Keggs now occupied. It was a forbidding street.