But I'm uncommon glad to have the guns in your hands, old boy, even if it's only at the outset. Hal, if we break up Sher Singh's army to-day, they must send us our siege artillery and let us finish this job they must." "I only wish they had sent it already or even given the order. The news of that would have been enough. Do you like the look of your Granthis, Bob?" "About as little as you do.

Her majesty agreed to my petition, and easily got the farmer’s consent, who was glad enough to have his daughter preferred at court, and the poor girl herself was not able to hide her joy. My late master withdrew, bidding me farewell, and saying he had left me in a good service; to which I replied not a word, only making him a slight bow.

Neither did I. But then, THAT was not my business." The substitute assistant did not answer: he could not, on such short notice. "So," continued the girl, "I felt almost as if I had known you for a long time. You and Horace were such good friends at college, and he had often told me of you. I was very glad to meet you in real life, especially here, where I had no one but Mrs.

And he says: 'Tell Princess Polly to hurry up and come, and Rose says she can hardly wait 'til she sees me." "Oh, Polly!" cried Lena, as a happy thought occurred to her, "if she's to be here when school has commenced, you can bring her to school. Teacher'll let us have guests. "I'm glad you read the letter to me, because it makes it seem as if Rose was right here."

We are glad to learn, from the close researches and critical acumen of Rev. Mr.

The youth was glad of heart to think that he was not required to enter the herd. That night, when the horse herd came tearing down the mesa, Reynolds said: "Now, Mose, you fall heir to my shift of horses, too. Let me show them to you. Each man has four extra horses. That wall-eyed roan is mine, so is the sorrel mare with the star face.

As Shock's eyes rested upon Ike's lean, hard face, bent over him so anxiously, he smiled a glad welcome. "Don't look like that, Ike," he said. "I'll soon be fit." "Why, you just bet!" said Ike, with a loud laugh, deriding all anxiety. "Ike," whispered Shock. Ike bent over him. "I want two hundred dollars at once. Don't tell."

"Nay, then," said Hunsdon, "I will be glad of your lordship's company."

Then came spear upon spear of light flashing far away across the boundless wilderness, piercing and firing the veils of mist, till the desert was draped in a tremulous golden glow, and it was day. Still we did not halt, though by this time we should have been glad enough to do so, for we knew that when once the sun was fully up it would be almost impossible for us to travel.

There they live in their innocent and fragrant beauty, sheltered from the storms, and rejoicing in the sunshine, and looking as if they could feel their happiness. Who would disturb them? Oh, how glad I am I came this way home! March 27th.