She wrote to me, three weeks ago, from Dover, requesting me to accept, as a token of her esteem, the surplus money I hold in hand for her I always drew her salary and bidding me farewell.

The rude ferry-boat is awaiting our coming, and in a few minutes the khan and the colonel bid me quite an affectionate farewell on the river-bank, gazing eagerly into my face as though regretful at the necessity of parting so soon. My escort favor me with the, same lingering gaze.

When she awoke nest day amid the bustle of the last morning on board, it seemed that her prayer had been answered. Her farewell to England was indeed final. She had only one thought uppermost she was going to see her father.

If she hangs together, do you hang to her as your only chance. And now farewell, my brave fellows, for we are not all likely to meet again. Look out for a soft place for her, Mr Pearce, if you can." "I see but one spot where there is the least chance of her being thrown up, sir.

All descending paths he found barred. Farewell to happiness which might be found by retrocession to a natural and primitive life! Since the dead did not wish him to be a man, he would be a parasite. His eyes, wandering over the horizon, became fixed on the white clouds massed above the rim of the sea.

We gave them a farewell volley, which eased a few more horses of their riders, and then got under cover again, to await what might next occur. But the Mexican caballeros had no notion of coming up to the scratch a third time.

I will quote one example the old bee-keeper in "The Romany Rye": "I was bidding him farewell, when he hemmed once or twice, and said that as he did not live far off, he hoped that I would go with him and taste some of his mead.

I have no strength for happiness. I did love you. My heart throbbed for a moment with a recollection as of a dead person. But the other one is dead. I tell you this, madam, in tears and torture. I do not love you. Jadwiga. Leon! Leon. Have pity on me and forgive me. Jadwiga. You do not love me! Leon. What is dead cannot be resuscitated. Farewell. Very well. No! no! Remain. Have pity on me. Leon.

A short time after, the Emperor Charles, accompanied by the Queen of Hungary and several lords and ladies, took a ride in the open air for the first time after long seclusion. According to his custom, he had spent Passion week in the monastery. Easter had come on the latest day possible the twenty-fifth of April and when he bade farewell to the monks the gout had already attacked him again.

The sachem picked up his own rifle from where it leaned against the tree and handed it to him, while Wau-ko-mia-tan stood at the other end of the group, until the warrior, his ugly face glowing like that of a demon, stepped to his side. Then the two, without a word or motion like a farewell, turned away and vanished in the gloom of the wood.