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In the pilot's seat Bland Halliday, goggled and capped for flying, tested the controls before he eased the motor into its work. Johnny, with his head bent low against the backwash of dust, looked at Mary V. Words were useless, worse than inadequate. Well out from the mouth of the cleft, on the barren strip before the sage growth began, Bland swung the plane so that it pointed to the west.

She 's just gettin' ready to let us have it good an' hard." "I t'ink you 're right, Kid," French Pete agreed; "but ze Dazzler hang on all ze same. Last-a time she run away, an' fine night come. Dis time she run not away. Eh? Vaire good." All afternoon the Dazzler pitched and rolled at her anchorage, and as evening drew on the wind deceitfully eased down.

It is Milton himself who speaks when he makes Samson exclaim: "O loss of sight, of thee I most complain! Blind among enemies: O worse than chains, Dungeon, or beggary, or decrepit age! Light, the prime work of God, to me is extinct, And all her various objects of delight Annulled, which might in part my grief have eased.

With the aid of friends he was finally located and an affecting scene followed in which the master loaded him with kindness, treating him very much as that other prodigal son was treated by his father. Beethoven's personal intervention with the magistrate eased the situation for the nephew.

"I sur ug-g-gh! er render," gurgled the long-legged one, weakly. "You'd better, unless you want to discover that we haven't yet started in with rough handling," retorted Eph valiantly. Young Benson eased his hold on Millard's wind-pipe. Yet all three of the submarine boys watched their prisoner, cat-like, for any new outbreak.

Then, by lowering away the peak, and carefully gathering in the canvas as it came down, we got our big sail snugly down without any trouble. This we carefully stowed and covered up with its coat. Next, Bob got the jib in, close-reefed the bowsprit, and set the smallest or storm jib, with its sheet eased well off.

There is a kind of swish-swash made also in Essex, and divers other places, with honeycombs and water, which the homely country wives, putting some pepper and a little other spice among, call mead, very good in mine opinion for such as love to be loose bodied at large, or a little eased of the cough. Otherwise it differeth so much from the true metheglin as chalk from cheese.

Any cost? he asked and reflected. Yes, he answered himself even the cost of giving her to a better man. The thing was sure to come, he thought nor thought without a keen pang, scarcely eased by the dignity of the self-denial that would yield her with a smile. But such a crisis was far away, and there was no necessity for now contemplating it.

The roan struggled and threw himself, his head still suspended by the rope, rose and reared to strike savagely at the man who held him, but Evans left his saddle and leaned far out, his right foot on the ground, left still in the stirrup, and eased himself back into the saddle as the fighting horse slid down.

When sin has been pardoned, and the conscience has been eased of its dreadful load, a Christian can endure all things in Christ. To give a short definition of a Christian: A Christian is not somebody chalks sin, because of his faith in Christ. This doctrine brings comfort to consciences in serious trouble. When a person is a Christian he is above law and sin.