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Pericles stood bent and cat-like as Sir Purcell reappeared. The latter, avoiding all preliminaries, demanded of the Greek that he should promise not to use the names of his friends publicly in such a manner again. "I require a promise for the future. An apology will be needless from you." "I shall not give it," said Mr. Pericles, with a sharp lift of his upper lip.

Words cannot describe the sensations of the moment, when that half-hour was rewarded by the sight of two stealthy, cat-like figures, creeping out from among the trees. A tall man and a little man, and both with very unbanditti-like straw-hats on. Now, if Keturah has a horror in this world, it is that delicate play of the emotions commonly known as "woman's nonsense."

Men who know his works by heart, and who derived their noblest inspiration from him, cannot bear to read his memoirs twice over, for it sadly appears as though the Titan had defiled the very altar of friendship. What shall we say of the cunning cat-like Charles Greville, who crept on tiptoe through the world, observing and recording the littleness of men?

The panther is that one which is a little heavier in the body, more cat-like in shape, and of a deeper yellow in the ground colour; but, perhaps, the truest distinction is found in the tail, which is longer in the panther than in the leopard, and consists of a greater number of vertebrae.

He cast a callous glance now and then at the body of his victim, cut off in the flower of life and hope. "No body marks, no tell-tale finger rings; that's good," the crafty villain mused. "He is stone dead now; he will need no watching," was the brute's final verdict. And then he stole cat-like up the stairs to gloat over the contents of the bank portmanteau.

When his gang was relieved he went away, bathed in perspiration, and, leaning over the well, sounded it. While thus employed, the mate came behind him, with his cat-like step, and said, "See what has come on us with your forebodings! It is the unluckiest thing in the world to talk about losing a ship when she is at sea."

It brought the heart into the throat of one young man who was reading his paper beneath the striped awning, when he was not watching, cat-like, the streets and the hotel door. He dropped the paper with an agitated rustle and half rose to his feet; his eyes, alert and humorous gray-blue eyes, lighted with eagerness. His hand flew up to his hat. He did not need to take it off.

But it was not until we had been up there about an hour that I felt quite certain of some great cat-like creature being beneath the tree. It was not creeping forward, but crouched down as if watching us, ready at our first movement to change its waiting attitude into one of offence.

"Why can't he sit still and possess his soul in patience, like the rest of us, instead of tramping up and down like the wild beast he looks?" "He doesn't make much noise about it," laughed the other. "No, hang him! I wish he did. That cat-like tread of his is unendurable." "He looks anxious, and doubtless has urgent business with Sir William that suffers from delay."

I bowed on my side. Only one question at parting! The average in my experience was fifty. The Indian made me a last bow, the lowest of all and suddenly and softly walked out of the room. It was done in a moment, in a noiseless, supple, cat-like way, which a little startled me, I own.

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