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Her sense of right and wrong was confused by a passion to which she had so madly surrendered herself; and the same intense and tragic emotions which we read of in the women of the classic age a Myrrha, a Medea and which hurried and swept away the whole soul when once delivered to love ruled, and rioted in, her breast.

In a certain type of fiction, which is commonly called "the psychological novel," the usual expedient for delineating character is a statement partly narrative and partly expository of what is taking place within the mind of the fictitious person, based upon an analysis of his thoughts and his emotions, at important moments of the story.

Let us then, sir, keep our weapons; leave us this one consolation, that on our tombstones can be inscribed: 'Freedom died, but with arms in her hand!" and Gotzkowsky, quite overcome by his painful emotions, leaned back against the wall, breathless, his imploring looks fixed upon the general. But the latter avoided meeting his eyes, and directed his own darkly toward the ground.

Foreigners are apt to say that we children of this western world do not submit to the tender emotions with the same self-abandonment as those who are born nearer to the rising sun; that our hearts are as cold and selfish as our manners; and that we live more for the lower and grovelling passions, than for sentiment and the affections.

To the working-folk, this was perhaps a morning wedding.... Perhaps these were gay people coming from a nocturnal fiesta.... Several times the cortege slackened its speed, blocked by a row of heavy carts with mountains of garden-stuff. The maître, in spite of his emotions, recognized the road that the automobile was following.

In its first splendor, the saloon must have presented an aspect both gorgeous and enlivening; for it invested some of the cheerfullest ideas and emotions of which the human mind is susceptible with the external reality of beautiful form, and rich, harmonious glow and variety of color. But the frescos were now very ancient.

There was certainly some spell upon him. He had found his way into a garden which lay beyond the world. He was conscious all at once of a strange mixture of spicy perfumes, a faint sense of intoxication, of weird, delicate emotions which caught at the breath in his throat and sent the blood dancing through his veins, warmed to a new and wonderful music.

It is strange but mothers seem to be blind to, or ignorant of the emotions that are seething back of the clear eyes of their daughters. The emotions of the girl have not been studied sufficiently. We expect a boy to do things which serve as an outlet to his pent-up emotions but we expect a girl to go on in a calm, uneventful manner with no outlet for the overflow of emotions.

Crewe, mastering his irritation, said with a careless laugh: 'All right, I believe you. Didn't mean to offend you, old chap. 'I won't be called that! She was trembling with stormy emotions. 'You shall treat me decently. 'Very well. Old girl, then. 'I'm a good deal younger than you are. And I'm a good deal better than you, in every way.

Benson, on being introduced, paid the following eloquent tribute to the Hall: "Ladies and gentlemen: It is with emotions such as I have never experienced upon any former occasion, that I stand before you to-night in this, the birthplace of American liberty.