Indeed? a scheme o' yours? that must be a denty ane!" said the uncle, with a very peculiar sneer; "let's hear about it, lad." "It is said in two words, sir. I intend to leave this country, and serve abroad, as my father did before these unhappy troubles broke out at home.

Buddir ad Deen, astonished at the sight, said with a pitiful tone, "Pray, good people, why do you serve me so? What is the matter? What have I done?" "Was it not you," said they, "that sold this eunuch the cream-tart?" "Yes," replied he, "I am the man; and who says any thing against it? I defy any one to make a better."

Virtues are virtues only because they serve perfection or prevent the imperfection of those who are virtuous, or even of those who have to do with them. And they have that power by their nature and by the nature of rational creatures, before God decrees to create them.

Again, it was seen that one of the leading characteristics of the present distributive situation is the use of the group will and group power to serve group purposes.

"His nephew, nieces, sons daughters, if he had them, and whole generation," said Diana; "therefore trust not to him, even for a single moment, but make the best of your way before they can serve the warrant." "That I shall certainly do; but it shall be to the house of this Squire Inglewood Which way does it lie?"

And as the major bangs up the receiver his face looks like a strawb'ry shortcake just ready to serve. Somehow Mr. Ellins seems to be enjoyin' the major's rush of temperament to the ears. Anyhow, there's a familiar flicker under them bushy eyebrows of his and I ain't at all surprised when he remarks soothin': "I gather, major, that someone can't seem to get something done."

And then the grocer, having disposed of another customer, advanced to serve her, and the grocer's daughter, it seemed, was also at leisure; and though he would have preferred to watch the Girl of All Others doing the family marketing in a most competent manner, a thoughtful finger upon her lip, the Candy Man was forced to attend to his own business.

"I wish I knew what mine is," said Ellen. "Is your daily example as perfect as it can be?" Ellen was silent, and shook her head. "Christ pleased not himself, and went about doing good; and he said, 'If any man serve me, let him follow me. Remember that.

Let us burn and bury and destroy these things of wood and stone, and let us be taught by the Missi how to serve God who can hear, the Jehovah who gave us the well, and who will give us every other blessing, for He sent His Son Jesus to die for us and bring us to Heaven. This is what the Missi has been telling us every day since he landed on Aniwa. We laughed at him, but now we believe him.

One rather celebrated book, however, has not yet been mentioned: and it will serve very well, with two others greater in every way, as usher to a few general remarks on the weakness of this generation of minor novelists.