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For long he argued and expostulated upon the madness, as he termed it, of Diana's renouncing her career, trying his utmost to dissuade her. "You haf not counted the cost!" he fumed at her. "You cannot haf counted the cost!" But Diana only smiled at him. "Yes, I have. And I'm glad it's going to cost me something a good deal, in fact to go back to Max.

The whole place is a mixture of old Rome and of the French eighteenth century; for the remains of the antique baths are in a measure incorporated in the modern fountains. In a corner of this umbrageous precinct stands a small Roman ruin, which is known as a temple of Diana, but was more apparently a nymphaeum, and appears to have had a graceful connection with the adjacent baths.

Could it ever be, after the ruin the meanly suspicious fellow had brought upon her? Diana voluntarily reunited to the treacherous cur? He sat, resolving sombrely that if the debate arose he would try what force he had to save her from such an ignominy, and dedicate his life to her, let the world wag its tongue. So the knot would be cut.

"You must excuse dear mamma," she said coolly. "She has overtired herself." But Lady Caroline continued to point a finger trembling with passion. "Her price!" she shrilled. "Ask her that. It is all these creatures ever understand!" Miss Diana slipped an arm beneath her elbow and firmly conducted her forth. Ruth, hearing the door shut, supposed that both women had withdrawn.

Wh 's school in Dunse; but I took no notice o' him then in particular, and, indeed, I never did, until one day that I was an errand down by Kimmerghame, and I met James just coming out frae the gardens. It was the summer season, and he had a posie in his hand, and a very bonny posie it was. 'Here's a fine day, Diana, says he. 'Yes, it is, says I.

The money Diana had promised would set the whole family on its legs, and Fanny had stipulated that after the debts were paid she was to have a clear, cool hundred for her own pocket, and no nonsense about it. It was she who had done it all, and if it hadn't been for her, they might all have gone to the workhouse. But now her success was to her as dross.

You are so changed since last night." "We're told that 'night unto night showeth knowledge," retorted Diana bitterly. "Perhaps my knowledge has increased since last night." She watched the puzzled expression deepen on Olga's face. Then she added: "So I can afford to wait a little longer to see Max." Again Miss Lermontof hesitated.

To this character of sacredness stamped on the life of the private family and the larger family, the state, ethical significance and influence must doubtless be ascribed. +806+. Diana appears to have originated in the time when life was spent largely in forests, and trees were a special object of worship; she was in historical times connected with groves.

"Do you forgive me?" he said, as he gave it to her. The tone was gay and apologetic. She laughed unsteadily, without reply. "When will you take your revenge?" She shook her head, touched his hand for "good-night," and went up-stairs. As Diana reached her room she drew Mrs. Colwood in with her but not, it seemed, for purposes of conversation.

Lawrence heard the exact form taken by Baroni's recommendation she might have felt less elated. "The Lawrence woman is a bit of a shark, my dear," he had told Diana, when she had explained that, owing to the retirement from business of her former landlady, she would be compelled after Easter to seek fresh rooms.