"To be sure, if his lordship has a fancy," said Caleb; and re-entering with a jug of pure element "He will scarce find such water onywhere as is drawn frae the well at Wolf's Crag; nevertheless "

Then the car vanished among the trees, and Pete looked at him curiously. "Is yon the man frae Newcastle ?" he asked. "Yes," said Foster grimly; "I rather think we were just in time. It's very possible that he'd have run over me if I'd been in the road. An accident of that kind would have suited him well. But I thought I was a fool for jumping." Pete nodded. "I ken!

I ken a canny chield at Loughmaben, a bit writer lad, that will put me in the way to sort him. Steal the mear! na, na, far be the sin o' theft frae Andrew Fairservice I have just arrested her jurisdictionis fandandy causey.

Walker an' an'" here Sanny stammered a little, "Walker an' oor Mag were gey thick, an' I'm ashamed o' this part o' the story; for I should hae been man enough to protect her frae him. But the money was the thing that did it, Mr. Rundell, an' I'm no' gaun to mak' excuses noo aboot it. But every bargain I had, I had to share the pay, efter the men was payed, penny aboot, wi' Walker.

"It's a mere impossibility this night," said the woman, "the troopers keep sae strict a guard; and they say there's strange news come frae the east, that makes them rage in their cruelty mair fierce than ever Ye maun take shelter somegate for the night before ye get to the muirs, and keep yoursell in hiding till the grey o' the morning, and then you may find your way through the Drake Moss.

While Salome gazed upon it Dame Girzie said: "All this frae the tower to the horizon, far as our eyes can reach, and far'er, was for eight centuries the land of the Lairds of Lone. And noo! a' hae gane frae them, and they hae gane frae us, and na mon kens where they bide or how they fare. Wae's me!" "It was indeed a household wreck," said Salome, with sigh of sincere sympathy.

"It's may be presumptous o' me tae differ frae him, and it wudna be verra respectfu' o' Saunders tae live aifter this opeenion. But Saunders wes awe thraun an' ill tae drive, an' he's as like as no tae gang his own gait. "A'm no meanin' tae reflect on sae clever a man, but he didna ken the seetuation.

'Ye're a Highlandman by your tongue? 'Na; I am but just Aberdeen-a-way. 'And did your master come frae Aberdeen wi' you? 'Ay; that's when I left it mysell, answered the cool and impenetrable Callum Beg. 'And what kind of a gentleman is he?

It was past my comprehension, and her mother could assign nae particular reason for it. As for Andrew, he did naething but yammer, yammer, frae morn till night, about the sea; or sail boats, rigged wi' thread and paper sails, in the burn. When he was at the bathing he had been doun aboot Leith, and had seen the ships, and naething wad serve him but he would be a sailor.

And you're going to let a slip of a girl tak' you away frae your ain work and your ain duty and you call yourself a man!" He began to coax and appease her, and before long the grim old face was struggling between smiles and tears. "Tut! get along wi' ye! I've a great mind, though I'd be liking fine to see her anyway. Now, where does she bide in London?" "Why do you want to know that, auntie?"