So terrible was the devastation that for generations afterwards men spoke of the harrying of Buchan as a terrible and exceptional act of vengeance. The castle of Aberdeen was next invested. The English made great efforts for its succour, but the citizens joined Bruce, and a united attack being made upon the castle it was taken by assault and razed to the ground.

He proceeds to inquire. "Now what could this be? I had never seen her since her mother's faux pas at Aberdeen had been the cause of her removal to her grandmother's at Banff. We were both the merest children.

Talleyrand said he had given the King a piece of advice, 'to go to Neuilly' that is, to rescue himself from the vagabond cortége. Talleyrand is very well pleased with the letter sent to Paris, and the foreign Ministers are satisfied. Aberdeen said he was a good deal distressed at the state of Europe, and rather anxious.

There!" "I thank yer lordship." "I sent for you because I've just heard from Aberdeen that the boat is on her way round. You must be ready to take charge of her the moment she arrives." "I wull be that, my lord. It doesna shuit me at a' to be sae lang upo' the solid: I'm like a cowt upon a toll ro'd."

While the treaty for the annexation of Texas was before the Senate, Lord Aberdeen came forward with a proposition that England and France should unite with Texas and Mexico in a diplomatic act or perpetual treaty, securing to Texas recognition as an independent republic, but preventing her from ever acquiring territory beyond the Rio Grande or joining the American union.

Sybil Clynesworth's breach of trust had been long ago forgiven, and now she was asked, in the most casual tone, whether she was to make one of the party at Aberdeen Mansion on Thursday. "My dear," said Sybil, "Bridget quite understands that I do not care for that sort of thing. I must say she is kindness itself, and she wouldn't hear of my turning out of this house; she wouldn't hear of it.

Lord John Russell had a policy, but no power to enforce it, whilst Lord Aberdeen had no policy which ordinary mortals could fathom, and had the power to keep the Cabinet though scarcely Lord Stratford de Redcliffe from taking any decided course.

One homely remark made at the time may, however, be cited. Lady Russell declared that her husband would not mind being 'shoeblack to Lord Aberdeen' if it would serve the country. The Aberdeen Ministry came into existence just as the year 1852 was ending.

Don't you think I shall make an excellent canvasser? Now, please, understand," she added, "I expect you to come and see me!" "Where is the flat?" he inquired. "Aberdeen Mansion," she answered. "Jimmy took it while we were abroad " "Without seeing it? Good gracious!" said Colonel Faversham. That was just like Jimmy and Bridget. "Oh dear, yes," she said.

Barbie boys had despised the provision trade, heretofore, as a mean and meagre occupation; but now the imagination of each gallant youth was fired and radiant he meant to be a grocer. Mrs. Wilson presided over the Emporium. Wilson had a treasure in his wife. She was Aberdeen born and bred, but her manner was the manner of the South and West.