It shines in his vocabulary like a jewel in a muck-heap. And, even so, he continually misapplies it. For you must have observed he uses it as a sort of taunt, in the sense of to ergotise, implying, as it were the poor, dear fellow! a vein of sophistry. As for his cruelty to Jean-Marie, it must be forgiven him it is not his nature, it is the nature of his life.

"But why should she come to see me if she felt so bitterly against me? There's the mystery." "Yet I know she quite forgave 'ee." "But, Diggory would a woman, who had quite forgiven her son, say, when she felt herself ill on the way to his house, that she was broken-hearted because of his ill-usage? Never!" "What I know is that she didn't blame you at all.

And even that face never to be again seen by her through any possible chance! For him to be blotted out altogether from the world, and she left therein! "Oh, God oh, God!" The despairing, accusing shriek that she sent up to His mercy! May His mercy have received and forgiven it! She began to count up the hours that must pass before she could receive any tidings, good or ill.

And that faith suffered me not to be at ease about my past sins, which were not yet forgiven me by Thy baptism. The vintage-vacation ended, I gave notice to the Milanese to provide their scholars with another master to sell words to them; for that I had both made choice to serve Thee, and through my difficulty of breathing and pain in my chest was not equal to the Professorship.

They must be entirely left out of account when such questions are to be answered as these: How do I obtain a gracious God? How is my sin to be forgiven? How do I obtain a good conscience? How can I come to I live righteously? How can I hope to die calmly, in the confidence that I am going to heaven?

He may be forgiven, it was past midnight, and there was not a human being awake but himself within ten miles when he began to read. The manuscript was discolored, obliterated, and mutilated beyond any that had ever before exercised the patience of a reader. Michaelis himself, scrutinizing into the pretended autograph of St. Mark at Venice, never had a harder time of it.

The day is set for Thanksgiving and the Lord be with us for everything has got to be just so and she is no more good at helping now that he’s come. They are all going back to New York as soon as possible after it’s over and I hope to be forgiven for stating plainly that it will be the happiest day’ of my life. Respectfully,

Within six months he was as tedious as ever; but what is the saddest part of the whole business is that he has never quite forgiven the teller of the unwelcome news, while at the same time he labours under the impression that he has cured himself of the habit.

So I had resolved that the next time I had an opportunity of speaking to her, I would make an attempt to probe the evil to its root, though I had but little hope, I confess, of doing any good. And now when I heard her say, "Hast thou NO help for me?" I went near her with the words: "God has, indeed, help for His own offspring. Has He not suffered that He might help? But you have not yet forgiven."

All the wrongs on both sides, real and imaginary, were forgiven and forgotten. Two happy, laughing lovers sat and watched the gulls wheeling, dipping, rising in the spring sunshine. "Thou hast rare roses in thy cheeks, sweetheart," said Johnnie. "'Tis the wind," replied Dolly. "'March wind!" murmured the youth.