And every soul is summoned to a reckoning,—with him an impeller and a witness.” In explaining this and similar verses, they have in some cases argued that the termidháis implied. In other instances, they have idly contended that whereas the Day of Judgment is inevitable, it hath therefore been referred to as an event not of the future but of the past. How vain their sophistry!

The letter was lengthy, and contained some telling phrases such as Mr. Churchill has always been skilful in coining; but the "turgid homily a mixture of sophistry, insult, and menace," as The Times not unfairly described it, was less effective than the terse and simple rejoinder in which Mr. Bonar Law pointed out that Mr.

Its clearness and vigour, its intelligence, its truth-like sophistry how mighty as an indirect influence upon the minds of other editors and of public men! "Power Success," he repeated to himself in an exaltation of vanity and arrogance. Marian lifted her head and, turning, put it against his knee. She reached out for his hand.

The most learned of the fathers, by a very singular condescension, have imprudently admitted the sophistry of the Gnostics. * Acknowledging that the literal sense is repugnant to every principle of faith as well as reason, they deem themselves secure and invulnerable behind the ample veil of allegory, which they carefully spread over every tender part of the Mosaic dispensation.

She answered, still in that level voice: "Her action is cowardly, narrow, and tyrannical, and no amount of sophistry will make me think differently." Stanley felt precisely as if one of his feet had gone through the ice into water so cold that it seemed burning hot! Sophistry! In a plain man like himself! He had always connected the word with Felix.

Whatever be the reason, it may be every day observed, that the great pleasure of the vitious is to vitiate others; nor is it possible to squander an hour in the assemblies of debauchees of any rank, without observing with what importunity innocence is attacked, and how many arts of sophistry and ridicule are used to weaken the influence of virtue, and suppress the struggles of conscience.

You, who have attended to female disputants, must have remarked, that, learned or unlearned, they seldom know how to reason; they assert and declaim, employ wit, and eloquence, and sophistry, to confute, persuade, or abash their adversaries; but distinct reasoning they neither use nor comprehend. Till women learn to reason, it is in vain that they acquire learning.

"Let me assure you," continued the speaker as he was warming to his theme under false fires of devilish sophistry, "in the day when the Bible was used in the Sunday school classes, spiritual ignorance abounded more than now."

He has done what the sculptor or painter of the great periods of art used to do with their historical and scriptural people he has put them in the dress of his own time and place; and it is impossible to deny him a convincing logic. No sophistry or convention of drapery in the scene could have conveyed its pathos half so well, or indeed at all.

But infidelity desires no more powerful coadjutor than human reason in its freest exercise, because it is so liable to be led away by sophistry, and its invariable tendency is to reject as myths and fables all things which it cannot comprehend or for which it cannot see a material cause.