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Who does it, anyhow?" "I'm not drunk and haven't been for six months. Come on, for God's sake, and help me to save a life, maybe two lives, from the very man that's done the boot-leggin' and robbin' in this town for months and months." Saxon's words were convincing enough. "What can I do?" Burgess asked. "I'm not a policeman." "Come on! Come on!" Saxon urged, tugging at the professor's arm.

'It must wait, unless your curiosity will carry you out in search of papa, said Charles; 'he is somewhere about, zealously supplying the place of Jenkins. 'Really, Philip, said Laura, 'there is no telling how much good you have done him by convincing him of Jenkins' dishonesty. To say nothing of the benefit of being no longer cheated, the pleasure of having to overlook the farming is untold.

For by this time she, too, was under the influence of the spell of convincing reality which Raymond Mortimer succeeded in throwing over his imaginary friend. "She does things Ray wouldn't do," she once confided to Miss Greene. "I mean," hastily, as she suddenly realized her own words "I mean she makes him think he thinks she thinks Oh, I don't know how to 'splain it to you!"

If he in an unguarded moment should dare to mention such a possibility to Jack, it would be quite easy to contradict the statement with convincing heat. But in her heart she was sure of Guy Oscard. One of the worst traits in the character of an unfaithful woman is the readiness with which she trades upon the faithfulness of men. The offender never pardons. Victor Durnovo lingered on at Loango.

I tell you he does! You lie you lie!" "You're right," assented Windebank sadly, after a moment's thought. "You're quite right. I made a mistake. I ask everyone's pardon. How could any man fail to appreciate you?" Much to his surprise, her anger soon abated. A not too convincing light-heartedness took the place of this stormy ebullition.

Perhaps she had watched, convincing herself of her father's guilt. Lawler had wondered how she had gained the knowledge she seemed to have, and Singleton's visits must be the explanation. Hamlin had bowed his head again after a swift glance at Lawler.

As this meant that I must have two guides, and suggested that perhaps the right rendering of associé was 'accomplice, the negotiation nearly came to a violent end; but the farmer was so extremely explanatory and convincing, that I gave him another chance, asking him how much the two meant to have, and telling him that, although I could not see the necessity for two guides, I only wished to do what was right.

It made him a bit ashamed to think of himself as violently protesting, hungrily pleading. A moment before he had been angry because she doubted his love. He knew that he admired her, respected, desired her. Now he argued with himself, and convinced his soul that his emotions constituted love. And having convinced himself, he determined to seek further opportunity of convincing her.

I had once said to him that he had far better stick to his painting and become an artist instead of an actor. His Claudio made me "take it back." It was beautiful. I have seen many young actors play the part since then, but not one of them made it anywhere near as convincing.

If I had not been afraid to frighten off one of the beasts, I could have killed the other long ago. Several times I had him at the muzzle of my carbine, when the signal of my comrade hindered me from firing. Miss them indeed!" "Never mind!" interrupted the great trapper; "we shall end the matter, I have no doubt, by convincing this gentleman."