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A desire to cry came over him suddenly. He had imagined everything a thousand times more beautiful; if they had cheated him regarding the glass balls and the sundial as well, he would not have been surprised. At this moment two Newfoundland dogs, as black as coal, came rushing up to them with suppressed barks. He took refuge behind his mother's dress and began to scream. "Caro!

Next morning I went round to Tiverton's as usual, and while he was at breakfast, and we were starting our usual round of talk, in came Sir James Blount, a stranger at such an hour. "Have you heard the news?" he asked abruptly. "What news?" asked Tiverton, rather sour at being cheated out of his morning's consolatory grumble with me. "Mr.

Luttridge's; she, amongst other good things, kept a faro bank, and, I am convinced, cheated. Be that as it may, I lost an immensity of money, and it was my pride to lose with as much gaiety as any body else could win; so I was, or appeared to be, in uncommonly high spirits, and Lawless had his share of my good humour. We left Mrs. Luttridge's together early, about half-past one.

Talfourd relates an amusing instance of the universal charity of the kindly Dyer. Lamb once suddenly asked him what he thought of the murderer Williams, a wretch who had destroyed two families in Ratcliff Highway, and then cheated the gallows by committing suicide.

David and Reddy can run the business of the colony and see that we aren't cheated when we trade glass beads and other little trinkets with the savages. Of course there will be a few moth-eaten old cannibals. Tom can classify the trees of the forest and make the obstreperous beasts and reptiles behave. I will represent the law. I will settle all disputes and administer justice.

Have I won the treasure of your whole establishment?" he inquired. "Perhaps you value this wench at more than a thousand pesos; if so, you will say that I cheated you." "No! She's only an ordinary girl. My wife doesn't like her, and so I determined to get rid of her. She is yours, fairly enough," Varona told him. "Then send her to my house. I'll breed her to Salvador, my cochero.

This makes him venture to talk and scribble, as chouses do to play with cunning gamesters until they are cheated and laughed at. He is always talking of wit, as those that have bad voices are always singing out of tune, and those that cannot play delight to fumble on instruments. He grows the unwiser by other men's harms, for the worse others write, he finds the more encouragement to do so too.

Dorothy had risen slowly to her feet. "What what do you mean, Miss Carrington?" she whispered. "Do you say I I have cheated?" "Cheat!" repeated the teacher, with an index finger pointing Dorothy down. "I saw you. I heard you. You started to answer for your sister." "I did not!" cried the accused girl. "She certainly did not, Miss Carrington!" repeated Dora, rising likewise.

You know he thought everything of Uncle Richard, and there was no end to the trouble he had with him; and there was Aunt Sarah's husband he seemed to be such a fine fellow when Sally married him, but he cheated father at last, so that he had to mortgage his house in High Street, and finally gave it up entirely.

"Pelham is a traitor, and you are another." "No matter what he is, or what I am. You got all those fellows to vote for you, and cheated him out of the place that belonged to him." "Did you think I was going to have him captain, after I had got up the Chain, and done all the work?" "You agreed to leave it out to the fellows who should be captain. They voted, and you cheated," added Monroe.

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