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"But who else could have done it?" "Well, you, for one. You could have come down from your lab, shot Fleming, faked the suicide, and then gone out, locking the door behind you, and made a demonstration in the hall until you were joined by Dunmore and the ladies.

Every day the post brought hundreds of letters containing propositions of threats from people who had lost their money and demanded its return with fierce threats, pitiful supplications and warnings of intended suicide, place, date and hour carefully specified, so there could be no mistake, and more than one attempt was made upon his life.

About three months after the Baron had given me the pledge which I mentioned, Mr. Trevor was called up at an early hour one morning with the intelligence that his late ward was supposed to be at the point of death at a neighbouring hotel. He instantly repaired to him, and on the way the fatal truth was broken to him: our friend had committed suicide!

Many of these underground schools could not be clearly seen by Mr. World, but ere the telescope completed its third revolution he saw the Schools of Suicide more distinctly than during his visit, and got a glimpse of the limitless Law Departments Underground, and the terrible pictures of sadness and sin as seen beneath the Devil's Hospital. Mr.

Another Day. Ivan Ivanovitch, my father, has heard from Alexis. He will return in fourteen days. The day after his return I am to marry him. And meantime I have still fourteen days to love Otto. My love is perfect. It makes me want to die. Last night I tried again to commit suicide. Why should I live now that I have known a perfect love? I placed a box of cartridges beside my bed.

If the dirtiest old owner of the dirtiest old bookstall in Whitechapel dared to display works really recommending polygamy or suicide, his stock would be seized by the police. These things are our luxuries. At the very instant that we curse the Penny Dreadful for encouraging thefts upon property, we canvass the proposition that all property is theft.

"But it was you who gave me the idea of writing a novel round Mrs. Minchin." "I don't think I did. I am quite sure it was your own idea. But one book at a time. Surely you will take a rest?" "I shall correct this thing. It will depress me to the verge of suicide. Then I shall fall to upon my magnum opus." "You really think it will be that?" "It should be mine.

The commonest occasion is the enforced separation of lovers, rather than the despair of rejected lovers. We have known of two instances of Kayan youths who, having formed attachments during a long stay in a distant house and who then, finding themselves under the necessity of returning home with their chief and unable to arrange marriage with their fair ones, have committed suicide.

His eyes flashed with indignation, and he said in a solemn tone: "This fortune at first the humble remains of the inheritance of the most noble of men, whom the plots of the sons of Loyola drove to suicide this fortune, which has since become royal in amount, thanks to the sacred probity of three generations of faithful servants this fortune shall never be the reward of falsehood, hypocrisy and murder.

Flora Thangue had extracted all the particulars of the death and suicide from Lady Victoria who knew nothing, however, of the tragic cause of both and imparted them to Isabel, whose mind, in consequence, was free of morbid curiosity. She had also read the newspapers.