The church promised me no specified amount for my preaching, and, as is frequently the case, most of them considered the contract complied with when they gave me a hearing. They were not in sympathy with my college enterprise, and were not specially concerned about supporting it. In May, 1863, my father-in-law died. In his death I lost one of my best and dearest earthly friends.

He sees to it that concrete for foundations is mixed properly and has the specified percentage of cement. The installation of piping for plumbing and heating is supervised carefully, as is the work of plastering. As the house nears completion, his supervision increases in direct ratio. In fact, during the last two or three weeks, the architect is not infrequently there most of the time.

But the admiwal's instwuctions are impewative, and I have no power to dwaw more than the specified number. As therefore you have all volunteered, the `Juno's' contingent shall be chosen by lot, whereby all partiality or unfairness will be avoided, and I hope that the awwangement will pwove satisfactowy."

The carriage would be waiting. The carriage would take us away seven days later-train specified. And there were these words: "Speak to Tom Hughes." I showed the note to the author of "Tom Brown at Rugby," and be said: "Accept, and be thankful." He described Mr. Bascom as being a man of genius, a man of fine attainments, a choice man in every way, a rare and beautiful character.

"Father o' Lichts!" once more burst ringing out, like the sudden cry of a trumpet in the night. MacLeod took no notice of it, but brought his sermon at once to a close, and specified the night of the following Saturday for next meeting. They sung a psalm, and after a slow, solemn, thoughtful prayer, the congregation dispersed.

I feel sure that when you have considered the matter you will see, as I do, that business affairs must be free from any hint of shall we say, favoritisms?" Gard found his voice, his temper and his curiosity at the same instant. "No, hang it, I don't see!" She looked at him with tolerance, as a mother upon an excited child. "I have specified a certain sum as the price of certain articles.

He would not and could not maintain the treaty, because the Spanish troops were in that instrument denounced as rebels, because he would not consent to the release of Count Van Buren and on account of various other reasons not then specified. Hereupon ensued a fierce debate, and all day long the altercation lasted, without a result being reached.

Several methods of making squirted filaments of a variety of materials, of which about thirty are specified. Seventeen different methods and devices for separating magnetic ores. A continuously operative primary battery. A musical instrument operating one of Helmholtz's artificial larynxes. A siren worked by explosion of small quantities of oxygen and hydrogen mixed.

The premium added to the principal of these bonds represents an investment yielding about 2 per cent interest for the time they still had to run, and the saving to the Government represented by the difference between the amount of interest at 2 per cent upon the sum paid for principal and premium and what it would have paid for interest at the rate specified in the bonds if they had run to their maturity is about $27,165,000.

"Well, sonny," he said at last, "since you seem to take the matter so much to heart, I will tell you in confidence that I wrote the piece myself." I found that this was not only true in the case just specified, but that while engaged in preparing articles for his own paper he occasionally prepared them for other journals.