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Musical it was, yet there seemed no pleasure in it: rather irony, and a great weariness of the amusements of this world: and a note, too, from a vanity never ruffled. It stopped abruptly as the negro pulled up his horse before her, and she stared at us haughtily. "What's this?" she said. "Pardon, Mistis," said the negro, "I'se got a letter from Marse Lowndes." "Mr.

We were looking forward to the time when we should leave Rudolstadt for the half-yearly winter season at the capital, Magdeburg, mainly because I should there resume my place at the head of the orchestra, and might in any case count on a better reward for my musical efforts.

As he produced many compositions which were still unknown in Dresden, especially from the domain of more modern music, I was often tempted to go to his concerts. Hiller's treatment of those works with which I was already well acquainted, showed what his musical power was really worth.

On all the tables money was heaped up, and on all sides one heard the musical chink of gold and the crackle of bank-notes. Nobody spoke much. Apparently all present were too deeply engrossed to waste time in conversation. As I glanced about me I noticed several people I knew intimately, and four or five I knew only by sight, people well known in Society.

And Jolly Robin, who was a bold fellow, hopped forward to do the talking for the callers. "We're a committee," said he, "chosen to call on you and invite you to join the Pleasant Valley Singing Society." When he heard Jolly Robin's explanation, Jasper Jay laughed in his callers' faces. "I'm not musical," he said. "And people who get up early in the morning to sing before breakfast always amuse me.

It was only a man from the smithy who happened to have a musical ear and had rigged up a kind of gallows from which he had hung carbine and rifle barrels of varying lengths and calibre, on the which he was beating with an iron rod.

'My dear fellow you won't take it ill of me I didn't really mean it as a criticism, the deep, musical voice stammered in serious embarrassment. 'Why, wasn't it just this kind of thing that caused a quarrel between George Sand and Musset? 'Yes, yes; but George Sand was such a peremptory fellow, and Musset such a vapourish young person. Look! I'll show you what I meant.

Her descendants still live here; and we have become a little weary of their inherited musical ability: they have learned to play upon many new instruments, with which they keep us awake late at night, and arouse us early in the morning.

In glass ware we greatly excel the French, except in the manufacture of mirrors. Musical instruments of all descriptions are made as well, and at half the English price, in France. In every thing else, not here mentioned, as far as my memory serves me, I think I may report the manufactures of France greatly inferior to those in England.

Who keeps more musical throats in time than the motherly bird? Who lends the agricultural interest greater assistance than the labouring ox; or who suffers more by the manufacturers than the fleeced lamb? Undoubtedly, the answer is, Mr. Blackwood! Well then, I say, he must comfort himself by philosophy and Sic vos non vobis.