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Semlin, with, as the sole safeguard against exposure, should I fall in with the dead man's employers or friends, that slight and possibly imaginative resemblance between him and me: I had to take such measures as would prevent the fraud from being detected when the body was discovered in the hotel: above all, I had to ascertain, before I could definitely resolve to push on into Germany, whether Semlin was already known to the people at the hotel or whether as I surmised to be the case this was also his first visit to the house in the Vos in't Tuintje.

For the longing that he had to be with God, he would fain have been dead, but for the profit of other folk he was content to live here in pain, and defer and forbear for the while his inestimable bliss in heaven: "Desiderium habens dissolvi et esse cum Christo, multo magis melius, permanere autem in carne, necessarium propter vos."

"'Spose dot she didn't try to helps herself some," he said, in talking the matter over with Mr. Marston, "don't you not sees dot she would get eat up doo, dree times by dot bear dot vos bigger as nefer vos?"

If you brace right up and pretend you are eager to fight with pistols, the chances are ten to one he'll back down before the word is given to fire." "Vell, uf dot veller don'd dink I vos apout grazy for dot tuel, you can kick me mit der neck in." Frank saw that he had fixed it all right with Hans, and he wondered what success Sammy Smiles was having with his second.

At this Hans grew suspicious, and at length a sickly grin overspread his features. "I know you, Tom Rofer," he said. "Dot vos von of dem fish stories, ain't it alretty?" "No, it's a jibberjacker story, Hans." "It vos a jibjacker fish story den annahow. You can't fool me some more. I vos too schmart for dot alretty. Ven I go py der academy I git mine ear teeths cut, hey?"

I'm married, you know." "Vy dit you hurriness so much? Vy dit I not vait for you?" he demanded. "Here's Elsie, Hans." "Vot, dot dot angel vomans mit der golden hair her head all ofer?" "She's now Mrs. Hodge," explained Bart. Hans struck himself a furious blow on the chest and staggered. "Dere I vos again!" he groaned. "Oh, vot a terrible misdake for her! Elsie Pellwood und she iss now Elsie Hotch?

"Dot is so," came from Hans Mueller. "I vos so hungry like four lions alretty." "I have made some slight changes in your sleeping accommodations," went on Captain Putnam. "Mr. Strong will show you to your rooms." Then the boys marched into the academy, led by the head assistant. The majority of the cadets had their dormitories on the second floor of the building.

He say, 'How I look at your voman an' de kids in de face, vhen I gets back vidout you? So he lets go and my end sink deep so I let go an' vos fighting to keep up but he grab me and say to take holt of his shoulter. He swear he trown vid me if I don't. So I done it, ma'am, and he svim, svim turriple hard, draggin' me ashore.

"I ton't oben mine mouds apout noddings," declared Hans. "I vos so quiet like an ellerfaunt in a church!" Bright and early the boys were astir on the following morning, and Dick, Tom, and Sam went off to interview Captain Starr before breakfast. They found the captain a thick-set fellow, with a heavy mustache and big, bushy whiskers.

"Ego conjungo vos " He said all the words, and then, high in air, he made the great sign of the cross. "Benedictas vos omnipotens Deus " and he spoke all the benediction. He closed his eyes a moment in instant prayer. When he opened them and looked down, his face turned whiter still.