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It iss true I am many years in Stockholm, but I am not Swede: I am Finn yes, true Finn and know my own tongue vell, and dat iss vat some Finns vill nefer do. I haf learn to read Swedish, for I must. Our own tongue iss not for us, but I learn it, and Brita dere, she know it too. Brita iss of Helsingfors, and I am of de country far out, but I come dere vid fur, for I hunt many months each year.

"Id vas coming in dime, Laadham, id vas coming, of course Und I haf always noticed dat whatever iss coming does come." "Made, made made as you make marbles," Mr. Czenki repeated monotonously. "Yes, it had to come, but but imagine the insuperable difficulties that one brain had to surmount!" He passed a thin hand across his flushed brow, and was thoughtfully silent.

"James Penrose's late pitch," read the manager, giving the details of it in terms somewhat similar to those already sett, and stating that the required "pare," or force to be put on it, was two men and a boy. "Put me down for it," said Maggot. "Have you got your pare?" asked Mr Cornish. "Iss, sur." "Their names?" "David Trevarrow and my son Zackey."

The big Swede shook with laughter. "Iss he not the finest liar! Yess? I wass in the Fourteenth myselluf. That wass my company Chay. He wass not even the army in then in nineteen hund'erd." "Yes," said Stone, "I knew, but I wasn't goin' to spoil his bloomin' yarn.

It iss a goot contrivance, an' seems to me fery well made. Could Little Bill push it, think ye? Go an' try, boy." Little Bill found that he could push Dan in the chair as easily as Jessie had done it. "But that is not all," said Dan. "See now I will work the chair myself."

"Their sale is slow, of course, but every time you sell one, you ought to get" I was judging by some prices he had charged me "you ought to get two dollars." And I secretly rejoiced for Senda. "I not can afford to sell t'em," he replied, with his back to me. "Why, how so?" "No, it iss t'is kind vhat I can exshange for five, six, maybe seven specimenss fon Ahfrica undt Owstrahlia.

"Iss, tu be zure, Benjamin Blake!" shouted Tom Pemberthy in answer, "an' 'twill be a ba-ad job fer more'n wan boat, I reckin, 'gainst marnin'!" Then Joe Clatworthy, whose opinions were valued highly in the settlement of all village disputes, so that he had earned for himself the nickname of "Clacking Joe," stood still as they once more turned their backs on the threatening sea, and said his say.

He buy der piano for der sisters, der carpets, der pictures on der vall. An' he iss all der time straight. He bet on himself dat iss der good sign. Ven der man bets on himself dat is der time you bet too " Here Mrs. Silverstein groaned her horror of gambling, and her husband, aware that his eloquence had betrayed him, collapsed into voluble assurances that he was ahead of the game.

Graham, who had come all this way to watch the storm at the Corrachin Caves, and were very much astonished at this sudden encounter. 'Run, Neil, gasped Marjorie; but Neil drew himself together. 'It iss no use, he said; 'they will be watching wherever I will go, and I hev not a chance. Then to Mr. Stewart he said, 'I am not for trying to escape. I know I shall be taken.

"We've just been talking to Karl Hoffmann," said Bob. "You don't suppose he could have stolen him, do you?" Immediately Heinrich's manner changed. He rose to his feet angrily, while Bob nudged Hugh. Heinrich became pale with rage. "That scoundrel!" he stammered. "I would not be surprised if he would steal poor Percy. He iss mean and low enough to do anything." "Why, Heinie," said Bob mildly.

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