When I said "Good-bye" to Skinny, he said, "It's a bleedin' shime that you 'arve to go, mite. Those bloomin' 'Eadquarter blokes doesn't know what they're doin' 'arf the time. It's blinkin' 'ard to lose both you and Mac, but 'up the line with the best of luck, old cock." But I must explain why I had to go. This did not sound very good to us, as the Ypres salient was known as a pretty hot place.

"Some boys," remarked one of the prisoners. "But findin's ain't fixin's," said a British soldier. "Oh, ain't they though!" said Archer. "We'll have it fixed in How long'll it take to fix it, Slady?" "Maybe a couple of days," said Tom. "Mybe a couple o' weeks," said the Britisher. "Mybe it won't, yer jolly good bloomin' ole London fag, you!" mimicked Archer. "It's as good as fixed already."

"Makin' a bloomin' hass of myself, I guess," he growled. "What's up with Benny? He seems a little raised," said the "Old King," addressing the crowd generally. "Oh, blowin' 'bout his harvestin' gang," said his son Sam. "Well, you can do a little blowin' yourself, Sammy." "Guess I came by it natcherly n'ough," said Sam. He stood in no awe of his father.

"Yaw two gents enjying the balmy air for'ard, on your bloomin' pleasure yacht?" inquired Captain William Broome, who had a turn for broad sarcasm. "Jus' smokin' a few peaceful pipes, sir," replied Pete, who was allowed a certain amount of leeway with his master, as he had been with him in the African trade, and as boys in New England, they had lived on nearby farms.

The voice at the head of the table put the question with a note of exasperation in it. "Please 'um, another helpin'." The sister's lips set themselves close. "Pass up 208's plate," she said. The empty plate, licked clean of molasses on the sly, went up the line and returned laden with three "bloomin' beauties" as 208 murmured serenely to herself.

I've got the stuff here, look!" holding up the package he was carrying "or a chance for me to do some fly catchin' with me bloomin' tickle tootsies?" The man in the Cingalese costume had vanished from the doorway of the adjoining house, and, catching the boy by the arm, Cleek hurried him to it and drew him into the dark passage.

Hi, Fritzie, we're a-goin' to add four shillins' to the bloomin' indemnity, to p'y fer the tickets!" One by one these prisoners were passed into an inner room where each remained for about five minutes. When the sailor came out, he held up a brass tag which had been fastened with a piece of wire to his buttonhole. "I got me bloomin' iron cross," he said, "and I'm a-goin' to mike me 'ome in Slops!

"Another day here," he said, "with bunches of people buttin' in and slobberin' over me, and I'm a dead one. Besides! it was all Lucien; I'm no bloomin' hero." Lucien was sick of it too, but, because his injuries were the more serious, he had perforce to stay a little longer in the hospital. The presentation of the watches was made in the mayor's office one week after the fire.

"Ship my rowlocks!" as father would have said had he been there, but the Maxim made some of those blessed Arabs cough, I can tell you; ay, and put a goodish few to bed too! "Lor'," cried Larrikins, who was fighting like a bulldog by my side, "I never did see, blame me Tom, sich a bloomin' scrimmage in me life as this yere!"

An' if either sentry sees anythink suspicious down below there let 'im send the other sentry across fer me over in the picket there, see? 'E'll waike up the others meanwhile an' they'll all watch out till I comes and gives orders, see? An' if you're attacked afore I come, then retire firing. Retire on the picket, see? We won't shoot yer. Don't make a bloomin' blackguard-rush for the picket though.