"'Deed, Marse Ishmael, chile, I dunno; cause, you see, I hadn't no ways o' keepin' 'count o' de time; for, you see, noonday was jus' as dark as midnight in dat den. So how I gwine tell when day broke, or when night come ag'in? or how many days broke, or how many nights come?" "Then you have really no idea of how long you remained there?" "Not a bit!

Already Chad had schooled himself for the parting with Jack, and but for this he must little man that he was have burst into tears. As it was, the lump in his throat stayed there a long while, but it passed in the excitement of that mad race down the river. The old Squire had never known such a tide. "Boys," he said, gleefully, "we're goin' to make a REcord on this trip you jus' see if we don't.

"Don't cry, Daddy-man," she murmured in his ear; "it's all right. I can eat the blackberries. They they don't taste so awful good when you have 'em all the time; but I don't mind." She paused to kiss him, then tried once more to buoy his hope and hers. "We'll have jus' heaps of things when we get to Richmon' jus' heaps an' then "

I only jus' want to know where's the sense of it?" His logic was unanswerable. "Well, anyway, William, I'll draw up the list. You can go and play." William walked away, frowning, with his hands in his pockets. "Where's the sense of it?" he muttered as he went.

"Oh, he's mighty complainin', Mistah Boden; he's got such a misery in his back all the time that he say he jus' aint got ambition 'nuff to get out'n his own way." "Is that so?" was the reply, in a tone of flattering interest. The man beckoned him with his whip to step closer.

"I have no account to render to anybody for my transactions, and I desire to hear nothing more on this subject," said Bonaparte, retiring furious, and leaving Markof to meditate on our Sovereign's singular principles of political justice and of 'jus pentium'. From that period Bonaparte resolved on another change of the executive power of the Batavian Republic.

Lovaina was, as always, barefooted, and she took me into her garden, one of the few cultivated in Tahiti, where nature makes man almost superfluous in the decoration of the earth. "This house my father give me when marry," said Lovaina. "My God! you just should seen that arearea! Las' all day, mos' night. We jus' move in.

It was gore then, that this delicately nurtured young person craved, good red gore, and plenty of it! Well enough we were free. Wait! What was she saying? "I hate those other boys, Seraph, darling. Let's jus' you and me play together always. And you should be Dorothea's father, and Dorothea should want to paddle in the " Away! Away!

Macy has got a little property 'n' it looks doubtful at present if Felicia 's got so much as a father. Mrs. Allen says they was all so used up 't when Mrs. Sperrit was in to-day she jus' traded Brunhilde Susan against the makin' o' Mr. Sperrit's summer shirts, 'n' then went right 'n' bought the cloth 'n' took the baby. Mrs. Allen says 's Mrs.

"I can nearly all time make my mama do anything 'most if I jus' keep on trying and keep on a-begging," bragged the other boy; "I just say 'May I, mama? and she'll all time say, 'No, go 'way from me and lemme 'lone, and I just keep on, 'May I, mama? May I, mama? May I, mama? 'and toreckly she'll say, 'Yes, go on and lemme read in peace." "Aunt Minerva won't give in much," said Billy.