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These observations, therefore, necessarily contain the germs of a mysterious system equally favored by Plato and by Epicurus; we will leave it for you to meditate upon, enveloped as it is in the veil which enshrouds Egyptian statues.

"You will soon have ample time if not to waste, at least to meditate " "What do you mean by that?" The query came sharply. "I've had an examination of the bank's books. That, as you will readily understand, explains why I sent for you." "Why no. I don't " "I wondered how you and your father got the money to keep going so long, for I discovered you were in a bad way even before I turned up.

Good night!" "Good night, lads, an' better manners t'ye!" said Joe, as he sat down beside the little desk where the lightkeepers were wont during the lonely watch-hours of the night to read, or write, or meditate.

Because THAT," she audibly mused, "is so natural." "Then why can't she have come out for it?" "She came out," Mrs. Assingham continued to meditate, "because she hates America. There was no place for her there she didn't fit in. She wasn't in sympathy no more were the people she saw. Then it's hideously dear; she can't, on her means, begin to live there. Not at all as she can, in a way, here."

"I shall not lose a moment," said I, as he clattered down the stairs of the hotel, with that perfect swaggering nonchalance which a Frenchman is always an adept in; and I returned to my room, to meditate upon my numerous embarrassments, and think over the difficulties which every moment was contributing to increase the number of. "The indictment has certainly many counts," thought I.

As he sat there in the corner of his carriage, he was thinking of the punishment rather than of the glory. And the punishment must certainly come now. It would be a punishment lasting for the remainder of his life, and so bitter in its kind as to make any further living almost impossible to him. It was not that he would kill himself. He did not meditate any such step as that.

Josephine was mystified; however, she made a shrewd guess. "Do you fear a repulse from any one of us? Then, I suppose, you meditate some extravagant act of generosity." "Not I." "Of delicacy, then." "Just the reverse. Confound the young dog! why is he not here to help me?" "But, after all," suggested Josephine, "you have only to carry out his instructions."

XXXVII. No suspicion was too trifling, no person on whom it rested too contemptible, to throw him into a panic, and induce him to take precautions for his safety, and meditate revenge.

"No," sez I, "not to you, but if you had to set for hours and hours and hear her verses read to you on every subject on heaven, and earth, and the seas, and see her a measurin' of it with a stick to get the lines the right length; if you had to go through all this, mebby you would meditate on the subject before you took it for a summer's job."

I tremble when I meditate on Berthier's assertion; may I never live to see it realized, and to see all hitherto independent nations prostrated, acknowledge that Bonaparte and destiny are the same, and the same distributor of good and evil. One of the bad consequences of this our military education of youth is a total absence of all religious and moral lessons.