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An' thin, ma'am, there was a small bit of a howl in the carr, and it was through the howl the ladies an' gintlemen would cry out to the gintleman on the top o' the carr, and he'd put his face down forninst it an' spake wid thim; an' I cried up through the howl to him, an' sez I, 'Me an' Mrs.

"But," sez she, "the New Perpetually Gushing Hot Water Tank is goin' to make us independently rich. He's takin' the plans now of Luman Heath's kitchen stove and riggin' up the machinery; Luman is to pay him lavishly, you know Luman's wife is my own cousin."

Weel, ye hae it! Ah sez; for if ye're that set on gettin' yer bit screechin' boax ma advice'll no hold ye back, so ye may get yer piece o' idolatory, Ah sez; 'but mark ma word! Ah sez, 'mark ma word, the day yon thing raises its noise an' pollutes the holy place Ah'll no resign.

Sez I, "I would have it a-pintin' down towards the depths of darkness that wuz in that man's heart that roze it up, and the infamy of the deed that kep him in the meetin' house and turned his victim out of it." "I d'no as she wuz his victim," sez Josiah. Sez I, "Every one knows that in the first place Simeon Lathers wuz the man that led her astray."

"Well," sez I, "if it wuz our naked backs that the snow fell on, and the hail pelted, and our stomachs that wuz achin' and faint for food, we should sing a different tune." "I trust that I should sing a Gospel tune in any event," sez she. "Well," sez I, "we needn't quarrel about that, for we couldn't feel much like singin' in them cases.

"What made you believe he was a soldier?" "Why, ain't every frawg a soldier now, sir." "How did you know, even, that it was a male frog?" "I'm comin' to that, sir," replied Steve. "That comes next. You see, once the old lady knew I could parlez-vous with the best of 'em, she continued the conversation and sez, 'Mon pover fees. Get that?

And I spoke on't there, but Josiah said "that he wouldn't go a-luggin' round dust-pans for nobody to this Fair." But I sez, "I guess that Columbus went through more than that." But I did in my own mind hate to go round before the nations a-carryin' a dust-pan they're so kinder rakish-lookin'. But if I'd seen a good one I should have leaned on duty and bought it. But we didn't see no signs of any.

"What do you mean?" sez he. "Can't you see what happened?" sez I. "Their blamed fire-faced dragon came back an' took 'em off, an' if I'd been here, like as not, he'd have taken me too. He'd 'a' taken 'em down cellar; but your Good Medicine came an' gave a shriek an' scared him away." Ches stood an' looked at me.

And I sez to her, "Don't you believe that one great thing that is helpin' you, is bein' where you are kep' gay and cheerful, by music and good company; and bein' out so much in the sunshine and pure air." "No," she said, "it wuz the water." Sez I, "The water is good, I don't make no doubts on't."

Of course we knew it would be fur more genteel to go to the hotel, which loomed up stately, settin' back on its green lawn right in front of us, as the ship swep' into the harbor. But Josiah sez, "The tender ties of relationship hadn't ort to, in fact musn't be broke by us, and Miss Dagget would probable feel dretful hurt if she knowed we wuz to the Park and had passed her coldly by."