"That's the very thing," replied the unsuspicious and candid young man, "that I wanted to spake to you about." "What! about sleepin' in the meadows?" "Divil a bit o' that, Bartle, not a morsel of sleepin' in the meadows is consarned in what I'm goin' to mintion to you. Bartle, didn't you tell me, the day you hired wid my father, that you wor in love?" "I did, Connor, I did."

He was after me. Folks, that man took himself apart for me. He made me promise to go along with him, all dolled up, and in our own car!" "You ain't going," said Wid, quietly. "One guess! But there'll be trouble. I've only told you a little part of it that that fellow spilled to me. Dorenwald's nutty over these things. He tells what the German Socialists will do when they get to America.

"O let's see him," cried Nan, with lively interest. "You all is gwine to leab him alone " began the mountain, when Mandy turned ponderously in her direction. "Will you, Martha Jane Jenkins, please kindly rec'lect dat you is 'sociatin' wid quality now, an' take a good care how you talk, though sholy it may be de fus time dat you has ebber been in good sassity "

Then whin he has the sthick down to 'bout an inch thick, he ties all the slivers the wrong way wid a sthrand o' Litherwood, an' thrims down the han'el to suit, an' evens up the ind av the broom wid the axe an' lets it dhry out, an' thayer yer is.

"If I didn't, I tell you there's a good chance of losin' it before me; can a man call any money of his safe that's in another man's pocket?" "An' so you've come to propose a marriage between your son and my daughter, yet you lost no money, an' you're not mad!" "Divil a morsel o' me is mad but you'll be so if you refuse to let this match go an." "Out wid him a shan roghara," shouted Mrs.

I know some o' you has berry brig mout, brigger dan oders; but den de brig mouts sometimes has de small bellies; so dat de brigness of de mout is not to swallar wid, but to bit off de blubber for de small fry ob sharks, dat can't get into de scrouge to help demselves." "Well done, old Fleece!" cried Stubb, "that's Christianity; go on."

Tot was delighted, and walked very carefully with the plate until she joined the little group waiting under the window, when she called out, joyfully, "Hyear 'tis, Diddie! 'tis des de bes'es kine er dinner!" And now the trouble was how to get it up to Diddie. "I tell yer," said Chris; "me 'n Dilsey'll fotch de step-ladder wat Uncle Douglas washes de winders wid."

You, who has been his own waiter so long, and has gone to sea wid him so often; and has saved his life; and has helped kill so many hateful saverges; and has been on a desert conternent wid him." "I nebber told you dat, Chloe I said on an island." "Well, what's the differ?

"Well, most always," said Mr. Northrop, who had taken it up, and was examining it with a critic's eye. "I presume those are a bustle, are they not?" said innocent Yenowine. "Go aff, till the divil wid yer bushtle," said Mr. Smith, "I know bether.

But in regard to the money hem! why, if it could be managed widout havin' act or part wid that thing, people would do anything in rason and fairity." "You have this day been kind to me," replied the woman, "and that's what I can't say of many dear help me! husht! Every door is shut in my face! Does not every cheek get pale when I am seen?