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When the captive king was brought into the circus, and saw before him the emperor and countless rows of spectators, he is said to have shed no tears, but to have uttered the words of the preacher: "Vanity of vanities, all is vanity". But his head did not fall under the axe of the lictors, as in the ancient Roman triumphs.

His manner of handling the axe reflected the spirit that shone in his eyes when, after kindling the fire, he stood up and looked at her. "There's grub in the chuck box," he stated shortly. "There's some pans and things. It ain't what you might call elegant not what you've been used to, I expect. But it's a heap better than nothing, and I reckon you'll be able to get along."

But I wondered in my heart who this young man with an axe might be; for I thought that he had dealt with Jikiza and with the sons of Jikiza as Umslopogaas would have dealt with them had he come to the years of his manhood. But I also said nothing of the matter. Now on this day also there came to me news that my wife Macropha and my daughter Nada were dead among their people in Swaziland.

Not only this, but upon either side chosen bands swept down, and ere long the Christians were brought to a stand, and all were fighting hand to hand with their enemies. The lances were thrown away now, and with axe and mace each fought for himself.

Look forward beyond yon archway the block is fixed. Look behind thee, thou seest the axe already sharpened thy place for good or evil in the next world is already determined time flies eternity approaches. If thou hast aught to say, speak it freely if nought, confess the justice of thy sentence, and pass on to death."

"Why, I'll give ye a silk dress and a ten-pound note." "It's a bargain!" she cried; and then she told him what to do. He was to be ready at four the next morning with a horse and trap which he could obtain from the landlord. If he would take along an axe, a roll of string, and a newspaper, she would find his money for him, she said.

One night he wandered into a part of the woods where some lumbermen had been working during the day. On the ground where they had eaten their lunch he found some baked beans and a piece of dried apple-pie, and he ate them greedily and was glad that he had come. But he found something else, too. One of the road-monkeys had carelessly left his axe in the snow with the edge turned up.

We know how loudly Leicester had complained we have seen how clearly Walsingham could convict; but Elizabeth, though convicted, could always confute: for an absolute sovereign, even without resorting to Philip's syllogisms of axe and faggot, was apt in the sixteenth century to have the best of an argument with private individuals.

When these trees were falling, it was observed that most of them discharged a considerable quantity of clear water, which continued to flow at every fresh cut of the axe; there is no turpentine in these trees but what circulates between the bark and body of the tree, and which is soluble in water.

The stealthy movements came nearer, nearer, then suddenly died out. A moment more and a dark bulk took shape noiselessly among the fir-branches, some ten or twelve feet beyond the spot where the helpless calf was lying. For a second Melindy's heart stood still. What was her little axe against a bear!