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"Ah! here's the turpentine." 1st Maiden. "And crystal webs shine bright, as though Spun on some fairy loom." 2nd Maiden. "A spider's web? I didn't know; I'll run and fetch the broom!" 1st Maiden. "Blooms Nature scatters, fresh and free, From out her treasure-house." 2nd Maiden. "I'll dust this cupboard thoroughly." Both together. "Oh, horrors! There's a mouse!" Out of Deadly Peril

I'll have Utta rub me with salt and turpentine from neck to hips; I'll be asleep before she's done rubbing." "I'll come and see she does it properly," Causidiena said. "Better not," said Brinnaria. "Numisia and Bambilio need you worse than I do." "Why?" queried Causidiena. "After Bambilio was done beating me," Brinnaria explained calmly, "I beat him.

"There is plenty of the solution left in the tanks, and we can charge them again in five minutes. We've got plenty of acid and soda." At that moment there was another explosion, louder than the first. "That's a barrel of turpentine!" cried Mr. Needham. "Get back, boys!" But the young firemen pluckily stuck to their task.

Some were for fires, but that they must be made of wood and not coal, and of particular sorts of wood too, such as fir in particular, or cedar, because of the strong effluvia of turpentine; others were for coal and not wood, because of the sulphur and bitumen; and others were for neither one or other.

Spirits of camphor ten parts and turpentine two parts, applied daily, are useful in relieving the soreness of rheumatic muscles. Salicylate of soda two ounces, fluid extract of gentian one ounce, and sufficient water to make an eight-ounce mixture may be given internally three times daily after feeding.

We then put our family papers, our silver, &c., &c., into trunks; then my mother said, "Now let us breakfast, it is time enough for us to move our things when the next house takes fire." Of its doing so there was every probability because casks of turpentine and oil were exploding from time to time in a carriage manufactory at the back of it.

To clean and degrease a bird skin which requires such treatment to prepare for mounting, wash it first in lukewarm ammonia water with mild soap. Squeeze from this washing and put through a bath of half-and-half alcohol and spirits of turpentine. Squeeze from this thoroughly and run through benzine. Compress and relax the skin repeatedly while immersed in both these baths.

All these mixtures were after some time put into a heat of boiling water, and then the oil of turpentine dissolved its fragments of bile-stone, but no alteration was produced upon those in the other liquids except some change of their colour. Some fragments of the same bile-stone were put into vitriolic æther, and were quickly dissolved without additional heat.

A clearer screen may be produced by having the muslin always strained upon a rectangular frame, and preparing it with turpentine, instead of wax; but such a screen is not always convenient, and cannot be rolled without cracking, and becoming in a short time useless.

The fine scented oil will quickly evaporate, and leave the smell of the turpentine distinguishable, if the essence has been adulterated with this ingredient. PERMANENT INK. This useful article for marking linen is composed of nitrate of silver, or lunar caustic, and the tincture or infusion of galls; in the proportion of one dram of the former in a dry state, to two drams of the latter.

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