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The nostril and the tube of the nose appear to have undergone some slight alteration, but in examining a beloved object the eye of affection is perhaps too critical. Vive l'Empereur! the soldier of Marengo is among us again.

"Aloft there! just stay where you are for a little while, Mr Grenvile, and keep your eye on those sail to leeward. And if you observe any alteration in the course that they are steering, report the fact to me at once." "Ay, ay, sir!" I answered, and settled myself down comfortably for what I anticipated might be a fairly long wait.

Orla Lehmann, a Minister at the time, came out of the Castle, made his way through the crowd, and shouted again and again, first to one side, then to the other: "He has signed! He has signed!" He did not say: "The King." The people now endured seven weeks of uninterrupted change and kaleidoscopic alteration of the political situation.

The accustomed coach life began again, now, and by midnight it almost seemed as if we never had been out of our snuggery among the mail sacks at all. We had made one alteration, however. We had provided enough bread, boiled ham and hard boiled eggs to last double the six hundred miles of staging we had still to do.

Then, understanding that the Achaeans and Aratus imagined that this change had disturbed and shaken his affairs, and that he would not venture out of Sparta and leave the city now unsettled in the midst of so great an alteration, he thought it great and serviceable to his designs, to show his enemies the zeal and forwardness of his troops.

Yesterday morning Mr. Burgers came to me to arrange how the matter should be done. I read to him the draft of my Proclamation, and he proposed the alteration of two words only, to which I agreed. He brought to me a number of conditions which he wished me to insert, which I have accepted, and have embodied in my Proclamation.

Objects around me no longer seemed to increase in size, as had been constantly the case before, and I reasoned that probably my stature was remaining constant. "I noticed, too, as I advanced, a curious alteration in the form of light around me. But all about me there was a soft radiance, seeming to emanate from the rocks themselves.

Was the removal of the seat of the empire beneficial to the state? Were his reasons for doing so well grounded? What was the consequence? What was his original intention, and what induced him to alter it? Was it a Convenient spot? Describe its situation. What alteration did he make, and to whom was it dedicated? What was the immediate effect of this transfer? Were they vigorously opposed?

But to let pass nature in general, and to reason of things particular according to their own particular natures; how absurd and ridiculous is it, first to say that all parts of the whole are, by their proper natural constitution, subject to alteration; and then when any such thing doth happen, as when one doth fall sick and dieth, to take on and wonder as though some strange thing had happened?

Skilful combinations of appliances based on the history of those forces which are within our power, which 'we can deal with by way of alteration, forces 'from which the mind suffereth, which have operation on it, so potent that 'they can almost change the stamp of nature, that they can make indeed, 'another nature, these are the engines, this is the machinery which the scientific state will employ for its ends.