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To this day he has not paid his college debts or discharged the bill for the gorgeous furniture of his rooms. But we shall hear of him again. "He that for love hath undergone The worst that can befall, Is happier thousandfold than one Who never loved at all. "A grace within his soul hath reigned, Which nothing else can bring; Thank God for all that I have gained By that high suffering."

That motive, if it still existed at all, did so only in the form of abstract chivalry. My personal feelings towards her seemed to have undergone a complete change, dating from our parting in the road the night before. I found myself now meeting hostility with hostility.

All hope of conquering Spain in Spain was at an end. But in other quarters the House of Bourbon was reduced to the last extremity. The French armies had undergone a series of defeats in Germany, in Italy, and in the Netherlands. An immense force, flushed with victory, and commanded by the greatest generals of the age, was on the borders of France.

But in the earlier stages of learning at least they are practically all-important. The Place of Active Occupations in Education. In consequence partly of the efforts of educational reformers, partly of increased interest in child-psychology, and partly of the direct experience of the schoolroom, the course of study has in the past generation undergone considerable modification.

He tried to say "Hum-bug!" but stopped at the first syllable. And being, from the emotion he had undergone, or the fatigues of the day, or his glimpse of the Invisible World, or the dull conversation of the Ghost, or the lateness of the hour, much in need of repose; went straight to bed, without undressing, and fell asleep upon the instant.

Mistress Shurtleff sweetly tells them that the good doctor was in his study when she left home. There he is found, indeed, and released from durance, begging the deacons to keep his mortification secret, to "give it an understanding, but no tongue." Such was the discipline undergone by the worthy Dr. Shurtleff on his earthly pilgrimage.

Stubbs had gone back on him because he knew that he was in trouble." When he went toward the booth Mr. Lord looked at him around the corner of the canvas for it seemed to Toby that his employer could look around a square corner with much greater ease than he could straight ahead with a disagreeable leer in his eye, as though he enjoyed the misery which he knew his little clerk had just undergone.

He spent some time in what was evidently an attempt to adjust his self respect, and then began to wander furtively down towards the group. He, too, had undergone an important change. Perhaps his sharp agony was only as durable as the malevolence of the others. In this boyish life obedience to some unformulated creed of manners was enforced with capricious but merciless rigor.

You are a practiced surgeon, who have often amputated limbs; and though this may have been for the good of your patients, they cannot like you. Those who have undergone a dreadful operation, are not very fond of seeing the operator again. GARRICK. 'Yes, I know enough of that.

There was something apologetic in the manner, if not in the language, of the speaker; and his words seemed to indicate, if possible, an excuse for the incoherence of his address, in the physical fatigue which he had undergone in this way to divert suspicion from those mental causes of excitement, of which, in the present situation, he felt somewhat ashamed.

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