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"But do you suppose these papers will satisfy the Austrian commander?" "They will after I have talked to him for five minutes." "I hope so," said Hal. They had now passed the Italian outposts, unmolested, and rode across the open toward the Austrian lines. Some time later they were halted by an Austrian sentinel. "Take us to the general," commanded Stubbs.

Stubbs reached his big hand across the table and the two men shook. "Now," he said, "we'll have a bite to eat and a mouthful to drink and begin work." During the next week they followed one faint clue after another, but none of them led to anything. Wilson managed to secure the names of many men who knew Sorez well and succeeded in finding some of them; but to no purpose.

That he was weak and exhausted there could be no doubt; but it was equally clear now that he was by no means so weak as he had led Wilson to believe. Not even Stubbs could have drawn Wilson from the house, had he suspected Sorez of being able to move from that couch within twelve hours. Wilson blamed himself for stupidity, for carelessness, for almost criminal negligence in thus leaving the girl.

But what then? when one of his eyes is fixed on me, and one on my babe, they are lighted up with an affection which my pen cannot describe, and which, certainly, was never bestowed upon any woman so strongly as upon your happy Susan Stubbs.

Toby heard a sort of gurgling sound, saw the driver's body sway back and forth in a trembling way, and was just becoming thoroughly alarmed, when he thought of the previous night, and understood that Ben was only laughing in his own peculiar way. "How did you know his name was Stubbs?" asked Ben, after he had recovered his breath.

Stubbs continued: "They told us in New York that we ought to go to Paterson on the Island of Jersey, I believe. I suppose it is as interesting as Niagara. We shall visit it on our return. But we came over more to see Niagara than anything else. And from there we shall run over to Chicago and the Yosemite. Now we are here, we could not think of going back without a look at the Yosemite."

As Stubbs stumbled along in the darkness, he cast furtive glances over his shoulder and peered intently into the bushes, first on one side and then on the other; and as he plodded on he mumbled continually to himself. Came a sudden shrill cry from the left a wild screech that, for the moment, the lads were unable to identify. Hal immediately called a halt and all stopped to listen.

Bugles blew shrilly, men came pouring out of the tents to form into ranks. Officers darted hither and thither, shouting hoarse commands. For a moment all seemed to be confusion, but a moment later, in response to sharp commands, all became quiet and orderly. "Something up," said Chester. Stubbs nodded. "An advance, I imagine," he said. "We'll see."

The girl, white-cheeked, turned a moment in his direction. He was dumbfounded. Then he caught the cry, "Down with the traitors!" The cry was taken up and voiced by a hundred throats. He saw Stubbs thrust his fists in the faces of the crowding men, saw him fight them back until his own blood boiled with the desire to stand by his side.

As Elvira had naturally taken a place by the side of Léon, and Stubbs as naturally, although I believe unconsciously, by the side of Elvira, the host and hostess were left together. Yet it was to be noted that they never addressed a word to each other, nor so much as suffered their eyes to meet.