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Watching his opportunity, he caught hold of the stern, and leaped into the boat as though nothing ailed his head, either outside or inside. He dropped into the bottom of it, and peered over the deck of the steamer. Then he hauled on the painter till he brought the little craft up to the taffrail, where with no little difficulty he cast off the rope.

"I do, and I suppose I must thank you, but don't do it again. I'd rather you didn't carry your whip at all on Lucretia; she doesn't need it; but don't ease her up if you've got a chance till you pass the winning post." As the two finished speaking, and moved away, a thin, freckled face peered furtively from the door of stall number six.

He came back to the table and gave one of the glass panels a tap with his finger. The butterflies stirred and some spread their wings. They were a brilliant greenish purple shot with pale blue. "Yes, they are butterflies." I peered at them. "The specimen is unknown in England as far as I know." "Quite so. They are peculiar to Russia." "But what are you doing with them?" I asked.

"Boys!" exclaimed Huldah tragically, as she joined us for a survey. "I'll see that they don't keep the grass off our lawn." Late that afternoon I opened the outer door of the dining-room in response to the rap of strenuously applied knuckles. A lad of about eleven years with the sardonic face of a satyr and diabolically bright eyes peered into the room.

The reader will believe that we did not stand on ceremony, but fell to at once and made the first satisfying meal for three days. While we ate a great crowd of Boers gathered around the train and peered curiously in at the windows. One of them was a doctor, who, noticing that my hand was bound up, inquired whether I were wounded.

There above me was the crow-stepped gable of the Red Tower, with the axe set on the pinnacle rustily bright in the coming light of the morning all swept clean of snow. But no little maid. I ran to the verge and peered down. I saw a great heap of frozen snow fallen on its edge and partly canted over, half covering a deep red stain which was turning black and horrid in the daylight.

She shook her head, and handed him the glass. For full five minutes the boy peered through it, and then he lowered the glass. "Edna," said he, "he isn't in it." "What!" exclaimed Mrs. Cliff, "do you mean to say that the captain is not in that boat?" "I am sure of it," said Ralph. "And if he isn't in the boat, of course he is not on the ship.

We saw the ground crumble beneath his feet, and with a second cry of despair he disappeared. Grooton, Lady Angela, and I reached the edge of the cliff at about the same moment. We peered over in breathless anxiety. Lady Angela clutched my arm, and for a moment I did not in the least care what had happened to the Prince. "Don't be frightened," I whispered. "The descent is not by any means sheer.

The meadows and the orchards came down to the water, or, where the wandering line of the land was broken and lifted in black fronts of rock, they crept to the edge of the cliff and peered over it.

Jerome peered at short intervals over the ridge, contemplating the rising clouds with anxious gestures in the rough wind, and at length declared that if we did not make a speedy escape we should be compelled to pass the rest of the day and night on the summit. But anxiety to complete my observations stifled my own instinctive promptings to retreat, and held me to my work.

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