Fleda asked him if he could not get another furlough to go with her home, but he declared he was just spending one which was near out; and he could not hope for a third in some time; he must be back at his post by the day after to-morrow. "When do you want to go, coz?" "I would to-morrow, if I had anybody to go with me," said Fleda, sighing.

And in Reference to his third son Jonas Prescott it is herby declared that he hath Received a full childs portion at nonecoicus in a Corne mille and Lands and other goods.

They heard, too, that the French were full of triumphant rejoicings; that they declared this repulse to be the end of the English attempt upon Quebec.

Sir John Murray, though a timid and narrow-sighted man, now fully comprehended his nephew's reasoning; and his fears taking a different turn, he hastily declared his determination to set off immediately for the Highlands.

After the last American war, three of our ships stationed on Lake Erie were declared unfit for service, and condemned. Some of their officers obtained permission to send them over Niagara Falls.

The memorial was drawn up by an Englishman, George Baxter. The imperious Stuyvesant was greatly annoyed by this document. To weaken its effect, he declared that the delegates had no authority to act or even to meet upon such questions.

"Well, if I ever!" declared Jeff, in intense displeasure, staring at his uncle. But Captain Rayburn's face was the picture of satisfaction. "It's all right, Jeff," said his uncle. "You never can tell what a woman will do, but you can count on one thing it won't be what you expect." "You don't suppose she was angry, do you?" The captain smiled.

So that he can get the five thousand pound reward! Plain as a pikestaff! Only, the police are such fools." "And what about Collishaw?" asked Bryce, willing to absorb all his companion's ideas. "Part of the game," declared Sackville. "Same man that got rid of Braden got rid of that chap! Probably Collishaw knew a bit and had to be silenced.

That's about it, Portlethorpe." "Then in that case that young fellow at Dundee is Michael Carstairs' son?" exclaimed Mr. Portlethorpe. "And, in my opinion, that's not far off the truth," said Mr. Lindsey. "You've hit it!" "But Michael Carstairs was never married!" declared Mr. Portlethorpe. Mr.

The other men heard nothing at all; or declared that they heard nothing, being anxious now to abandon the matter, because of the chill in their feet and knees. But I said, 'Go, if you choose all of you.