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She put you off with a hope, a promise, time after time. But she was quite as likely to put you off with a revelation, with an interpretation that was inimitable, unrepeatable. Bouchalka was not a reflective person. He had his own idea of what a great prima donna should be like, and he took it for granted that Mme. Garnet corresponded to his conception.

None of us care to talk, even privately, about the Dream of Honour and the Hope of Glory. The only difference between Bobby and the others was that while they could cover up their aspirations with a jest, Bobby must say all that was in his heart, or keep silent. So he held his peace.

Night found them in the heart of the wilderness, surrounded by their strange captors, and all the horrors of Indian life or Indian death staring them in the face. They had no hope of mercy, whether permitted to live or condemned to die.

"I hope, however, we shall not lose sight of the main subject in debate, by criticising on words. I say main subject here, as I think there will be no occasion of saying any thing more on the subject of the languages in relation to the arts and sciences.

All promise of reform now disappeared from the Imperial programme, and the recent edicts, which had raised premature hope in this direction, were annulled; the old régime was to prevail once more.

In the year 1800, from the Volga to the Irish Sea, from the sunlit valleys of Calabria to the tormented Norwegian fiords, there was in every European heart capable of interests other than egoistical and personal one word, one hope, ardent and unconquerable.

Two great palms reared themselves in the moonlight at either side, and beat their leaves together in the night wind, whispering and murmuring together like two living conspirators. "This ought to be safe enough," Clay murmured to himself. "It's just the place for plotting. I hope there are no snakes."

Devils believe and tremble, because they hate goodness. Angels believe and hope, because they love it. Every one has within his mind an imaginary heaven, within and around which all cherished images arrange themselves, according as they are more or less dear.

The importance of her position was borne into her in a new and better way. By being Lady Hurdly she might hope, perhaps, to do some little service in bettering the lots of those who were at the other extreme of life's scale from her, whereas if she had remained in her former position she would have had as little value at one end as at the other.

This I send to assure you of my love, and to desire you to love my friends; and when the great God brings me among you, I intend to order all things in such a manner that we may all live in love and peace, one with another, which I hope the great God will incline both me and you to do.