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I was poor because I had refused to be enslaved by my father's authority when it was vain and wrong, or my husband's when it, was gross and cruel, and because I had obeyed the highest that was in me the call of love. And now God looked down on the sufferings of my baby, who was being killed for my conduct killed by my poverty! I tremble to say what wild impulses came at that thought.

We little knew, my son, when we both strove so hard to save the farm that it would really be our only support. This rent, however, will soon cease and I tremble for the future. I can only pray my Heavenly Father that something will come out of this visit to New York. it is our only hope now. "Don't lose sight of your father for a moment, my son.

The night had cleared somewhat, and although there was no moon, the stars gave sufficient light for him to see the black tracery of masts and yards lifting themselves above the horizon. How still the looming ship lay. There was scarcely sea enough to tremble the top-hamper of the unsuspecting man-of-war.

And in an instant from the windows opposite, from the yards below, and from the house-tops came a savage, exultant yell of welcome, a confusion of cries' orders, entreaties, a great roar of warning. At the sound, Ford could feel the girl at his side tremble. "What does it mean?" she cried. "Cuthbert has raised the neighborhood!" shouted Ford jubilantly.

He often used to look at me and laugh in a way that made me think that he remembered my faults. We went to confession on fixed days. Each one of us took her turn. When there were only one or two to go in before me I began to tremble. My heart beat dreadfully fast, and I got cramp in my stomach, which prevented me from breathing properly.

Her uncle might not have seen the advertisement he might not have got her letter he might be even then setting sail to quit home forever. And she could do nothing but wait. Her nerves were alive to every stir; every touch of the bell made her tremble; it was impossible to read, to lie down, to be quiet or still anywhere.

O Bhima, that Arjuna the clatter of whose car-wheels caused the entire earth with her mountains and forests, her mobile and immobile things to tremble, and whose birth dispelled all the sorrows of Kunti, that exalted hero, that younger brother of thine, O Bhimasena, now maketh me weep for him.

Advancing thus for several days, and encamping on the snow at night, they at last came to a spot where the ice was dangerous. "It was weak and rotten, and the dogs began to tremble." Proceeding at a brisk rate, they had got upon unsafe ice before they were aware of it.

He continued to hesitate. "Well?" Emmy waited, still in his arms, her ears alert. "We're engaged, aren't we?" Alf muttered shamefacedly. "Erum ... what sort of ring would you like? I don't say you'll get it ... and it's too late to go and choose one to-night." Emmy flushed again: he felt her tremble. "You are in a hurry," she said, too much moved for her archness to take effect. "Yes, I am."

He saw her hand tremble as it touched the violets in the bowl, arranging them. It was a very beautiful hand, as he well knew, and he saw with fresh wonder that there were no rings upon it, where rare and costly ones were wont to be. There was silence for an instant before her reply. Then she turned and looked up, full into his face. "May I belong here?" she said, very gently. "Do you want to?"