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Her husband teased her, and made her weep so much that she has lost her child, and her health is again injured. It cannot be denied that his whole appearance is extremely repulsive. He is a horribly ill-made little man, and is always absent-minded, which gives him a distracted air, as if he were really crazy. When it could be the least expected, too, he will fall over his own walking-stick.

"Ah! that's not Parisian! That's something like! I know you again. Come, show your face. Don't weep all over my bed." "Do you forgive me?" "I forgive you. But don't do it again." She talked to him a little more, asked him what he was doing, and was then tired, bored, and dismissed him. He had arranged to go and see her again the following week.

My dearest child, what a loss!" Utterly incapable of uttering a word, the poor girl tried to free herself from this close embrace, but the housekeeper would not be repulsed, and continued: "Weep, my dear young lady, weep! Do not refuse to give vent to your sorrow."

The thoughts of glory past, and present shame, A thousand griefs shall waken at the name! May I lie cold before that dreadful day, Pressed with a load of monumental clay! Thy Hector, wrapt in everlasting sleep, Shall neither hear thee sigh, nor see thee weep." Thus having spoke, the illustrious chief of Troy Stretched his fond arms to clasp the lovely boy.

And all of them, afflicted with excessive sorrow, bewailed aloud, exclaiming, 'O Yudhishthira! Oh prince of the Kuru race! While others cried aloud, 'Oh, Bhima! O Phalguna! while some again, 'Oh, the twins! Oh, Kunti! Thus did they sorrow for the Pandavas and offer oblations of water unto them. The citizens also wept for the Pandavas but Vidura did not weep much, because he knew the truth.

I wanted to weep in my tragic vexation. It seemed as though tears would ease me. But I could not weep. The servant said: "You'd better come away now, mum, and rest on the sofa in the drawing-room." Margaret, with red-bordered, glittering eyes, answered, staring all the while at that body: "No, Mary. It's no use. I can't leave him. I won't leave him!" But she wasn't thinking about me at all.

I came over this afternoon to see that everything was in right order, that is all," the sad-eyed girl or was she a woman? explained, drawing back for Mary to enter. Miss Selincourt entered, put her bag on the table, and gazed round with a deep sigh of satisfaction. "What a charming room! I think I should have been ready to weep if this had not been our house. Are you Mrs.

Without thinking one whit, I stepped in beside her, and laying my hand gently upon the lassie's shoulder, implored that she weep no more. Up she sprang to face me, flushed and indignant. Verily was I abashed. Yet there was that of sympathy and sincerity in my voice and mien or so she told me after which turned her wrath aside.

I kept waiting, waiting for her to begin to weep, to beg me to get out of the train, not to go with the others beg me to be a coward for her sake. But none of them had the pluck to do that. They all wanted to be in the fashion. Mine too! Mine too! She waved her handkerchief, just like the others." His twitching arms writhed upwards, as though he were calling the heavens to witness.

Go away at once, and tell the King's daughter to come, and tell her all must be done as promised, and if she does not come, everything in the kingdom shall be ruined and destroyed, and not one stone be left standing on another." When the King's daughter heard that she began to weep, but now there was nothing for it but to keep her promise.