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She took no step without keeping open a line of retreat on a contrary policy. She had Catholics in her Privy Council who were pensioners of Spain. She filled her household with Catholics, and many a time drove Burghley distracted by listening to them at critical moments.

"It is not the usual time to get up; but, Dorothy, father wants you. There is a bad case of illness at The Grange very bad indeed, and father is nearly distracted, and he wants to know if you will help him just for a bit." "Why, of course," cried Dorothy. "I shall be delighted." "I knew you would; I knew you were just that splendid sort of a girl."

"Eh, man," said Tom pensively, "what a grand Christian gentleman he'll make!" Shortly after Jimmy's release from the Old Tower, his youngest child succumbed to the ravages of a malignant fever. He and his wife were distracted, as, in spite of their pagan instincts and habits, their devotion to their offspring was a passion. They remembered Mr.

"Well," said my hostess, who had become sufficiently accustomed to my distracted moods to put the same question to me twice, "is that the very same lady who came in to see you through the window that you left open? She was very saucy, but then you were quite imprudent! Anyhow, do you recognise her?"

The revolutionary and distracted condition of Portugal in past times has been represented as one of the leading causes of her delay in indemnifying our suffering citizens. But I must now say it is matter of profound regret that these claims have not yet been settled.

"Mrs. Porter!" She handed me a letter. "Please read that," she said. "I will not read it," I replied. "I must beg that you leave me." "There, there, child, I did not mean to be rude." "You are more than rude, you are insolent." "I am distracted, child. Please read the letter." "Very well," I said, "I'll read it." This was the letter: "MY DEAR MOTHER: This will be handed to you at four o'clock.

The cars moving along presently hid them from my view, and my attention was suddenly distracted from this melancholy spectacle by the unusual circumstance of a man coming alone into the car with an infant in his arms. The cars scarcely paused, and while I watched to see the mother following her baby the brakeman came in with an armfull of shawls, satchels, and baskets.

It was really very wrong of me, because, though my chief mate was an excellent man all round, he was the victim of such black imaginings that if he did not get a letter from his wife at the expected time he would go quite distracted with rage and jealousy, lose all grip on the work, quarrel with all hands, and either weep in his cabin or develop such a ferocity of temper as all but drove the crew to the verge of mutiny.

Against this refractory chieftain it was necessary for Hohenlo and Maurice to lead an armed force, and to besiege him in his stronghold the important city of Medenblik which he resolutely held for Leicester, although Leicester had definitely departed, and which he closed against Maurice, although Maurice was the only representative of order and authority within the distracted commonwealth.

I see it in her eye.’ ‘Hold your tongue, will you?’ said I: his talk distracted me, for I was driven to extremities. A few more moves, and I was inextricably entangled in the snare of my antagonist. ‘Check,’ cried he: I sought in agony some means of escape. ‘Mate!’ he added, quietly, but with evident delight. He had suspended the utterance of that last fatal syllable the better to enjoy my dismay.

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