Of all the girls I was the youngest and you were the eldest, or nearly the eldest, I think?" "Quite the eldest, my dear. There is a difference of ten years between us. But why do you go back to that?" "It's only a recollection. My father was alive then. I was at first home-sick and frightened in the strange place, among the big girls.

Who, then, was the youngest member of the Committee? When we compare the birth-dates of the respective members of the Committee, we find that George Gillespie was the youngest by more than a dozen years. We may, therefore, safely conclude, that George Gillespie was the man who was thus guided to frame this marvellous answer.

Audrey, I don't know how I'm going to bear it to lie here on my couch, knitting knitting! when men are out there dying! Why won't they take a lame man? Can't a lame man fire a gun and then die like the rest of 'em?" Audrey looked at him pitifully. "My dear, war takes only the best the youngest and the fittest. But there's plenty of work for the women and men at home."

I think I will tell the old growler outside in the passage all about it." She began once more knocking at the door, and the head Bee Nurse came running up, but this time she was fearfully angry. "You must mind what you are doing, my good Grub," she said. "You are the youngest of them all, and you are the worst for making a noise. Next time I shall tell the Queen."

Gardner bestowed much attention on his first wife, though I always suspected that he was just a little more fond of the youngest one, and I did not blame him much for she manifested strong affection for him even in the presence of the others, and yet there was no outward manifestation of jealousy.

"No, ma'am, they're all nicely, except the youngest; and it's on account of her don't you remember her, sir, growing so fast, when you was last at the Rectory? that I'm up in London. "Is the child ill?" asked Valentine anxiously. "She's such a picturesque little creature, Lavvie! I long to paint her." "I'm afraid, sir, she's not fit to be put into a picter now," said Mrs. Peckover. "Mrs.

She, like Ishmael, was at the intensely personal period, though with her it took objective form in dress and pleasures rather than in the subjective wonderings of her youngest brother. As to John-James, he hardly entered into the fabric of her existence. Life to her was the cat-like attempt to get as much comfort as possible regardless of others.

She felt some regret, however, at having to leave the story unfinished; she would have loved to know what happened further. "So you like the book? It was the joy of all my children from the oldest to the youngest," said the mother. Cornelli's regretful glance at it had not escaped her. "You can look at it again later on, for we still have lots of time."

"The difference between your knife and me," answered Frozzler, "is that you can shut your knife up but you can't shut me up," and then he made a face and did another tumble. "His knife is sharper than you, too," cried Sam. A roar followed, which made Frozzler so angry he shook his fist at the youngest Rover. "Why is that boy like a fish?" cried Frozzler.

In the evening we came home well pleased with our day's ride, and had a good supper. As the meal proceeded I noticed that Gabrielle, the youngest of all, looked sad and a little sulky. I asked her the reason, and with a little pout that became her childish face admirably, she replied, "Because I can ride on horseback as well as my sister."