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And pardons were begged and kisses were given, and the three little silver pieces crept back into the tiny porte-monnaie, and Zay had some of Mary's nice toast with lots of gravy, and a drum-stick and a wish-bone. Zay is a young lady now, and I presume when she reads this story she will pout and blush, and the more because it is every word true.

What a difference there was between Amy's fancies and the stern realities she knew! "There's no lugging nought out of thee!" said Amy with a pout. "Thou'rt as close shut as an oyster shell." And she went back to the mirror, and began to plait her hair, the more conveniently to tuck it under her night-cap. Oh, how Elizabeth longed for a safe confidant that night!

I say every boy who can't control his temper has yet to learn one of the greatest lessons of life. What I want to show is that even passion, bad as it is, is not so bad as sulkiness. For just consider what a miserable sort of boy this Tom Sulks, that we all of us know, is. Why, almost before he could speak he had learned to pout.

There was another new by-law, by this time, which required them to pay dues not only on all the wages they had received since the association was born, but also on what they would have received if they had continued at work up to the time of their application, instead of going off to pout in idleness. It turned out to be a difficult matter to elect them, but it was accomplished at last.

Yet I might express surprise if I did find one, might I not?" Judy pretended to pout, and muttered something about comparing her to a cannibal. But Jane took up the explanation. "Mistress had to go off to London with her mother to-day, sir, quite unexpected, on some banking business, I fancy, from what I I beg your pardon, sir.

Jo looked with a pretty pout at the invited guests gathered about her mother and father waiting for her at the family carriage. "Thank you, yes. I am glad to get away from those tiresome goody-goodies. It looks like the Benningtons are taking the whole official board and the 'amen corner' home for dinner." "Then come to the Sunflower Inn and dine with me.

And then she would pout like a disappointed child; a pensive cloud would soften her radiant vivacity; she would withdraw her hand hastily from his, and turn in transient petulance from his aspect, at once so heroic and so martyr-like. St.

For a few moments they walked silently side by side. Then Pansy's curiosity, getting the better of her pout, demanded information. She had applied a child's swift logic to the scene. The colonel was angry, and had punished the woman for something. She drew closer to his side, and looking up with her big eyes, said confidentially. "What had she been a-doing?"

Weeks, perhaps. One can't prod a genius." "It's all tommy-rot," he growled. "I suppose I'd better take the next train back to town." "Don't you like talking with me?" she inquired, with a pout. "Of course I do," he made haste to say. "But do you mean to say they won't let anybody in where Oh, I say! This is rich!" "Spectators upset the muse, or words to that effect."

It is done so drolly and so quickly, with such a pretty pout, that in truth I can not think of being angry, although I shall certainly have tomorrow a blue mark on my arm; about that there is no doubt. "Come, we must get up and go to Yves's rescue; he must not be allowed to go on thumping in that manner. Let us take a lantern, and see what has happened." It was indeed the mosquitoes.

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