Phillipa laughed and nodded. "Now, you next," to Zaidee. Zay hesitated, but took the chair Phillipa vacated. At first she seemed a puzzle to the fortune teller. "She had traveled a good deal. Some one was coming across water that she would be glad to see three people, a fair lady who had had a great deal of trouble, sickness, but was well now.

"Think what a nice long holiday he has had!" "And think of three desolate years!" "They may be more desolate for us than for him. But it was his choice." He entered the room just then. Had Marguerite found any special entertainment? What had Zay been doing? "Oh, writing letters. Marguerite be glad you have not forty dear friends who are crying write, write all the time."

A flush crept over Tony's face and his mouth took a straighter line as he continued to gaze down on the roof of Villa Rosa. His reflections were presently interrupted by a knock. He turned and threw the door open with a fling. 'Well? he inquired. Gustavo took a step backward. 'Scusi, signore, but zay are eating ze dessart and in five ten minutes ze omnibus will arrive.

The first to speak was Gogol, the irreconcilable, who seemed bursting with inarticulate grievance. "Zso! Zso!" he cried, with an obscure excitement, his heavy Polish accent becoming almost impenetrable. "You zay you nod 'ide. You zay you show himselves. It is all nuzzinks. Ven you vant talk importance you run yourselves in a dark box!"

Mary, the good old cook, who had been in the house years before Zay was born, had actually refused to let her make any more mud-pies on her kitchen window; and mamma and grandma had sided with the enemy.

A friend is to take them on his yacht and they'll be home at Christmas, and there will be Vincent's graduation. Dear me! I hope I can go up to West Point. They say the balls are splendid. The Crawford house is to be all done over, and no doubt there will be a big housewarming there." "Oh, it will be just delightful to have Zay back again.

Would you beleef it, in Boston ze femme zay even spat at me when I passed zem on ze street. And since from Cambridge we started, when I haf wished for anyzing, my one prayer zat it shall be a man and not a woman I must ask it has been. Ze women, I say it weez shame, are ze brutes, and ze men, zay seek to be gentle, mais, helas! zay are born of ze women!

Aleph Beth Gymel Deleth He Vau Zay Heth Thet Joht Kapho Lampd Mem Num Sameth Ey Fhee Sade Coph Resch Son Tau FROM this country of the Samaritans that I have spoken of before go men to the plains of Galilee, and men leave the hills on that one part. And Galilee is one of the provinces of the Holy Land, and in that province is the city of Nain and Capernaum, and Chorazin and Bethsaida.

When a man's got to the bottom of his pile, you can't fo'ce him to borrow. 'Sposin' I set you barkin' up the wrong tree; what good's that gwine to do?" "Vell, Schmidt, I don't zay but what you zay right. You mustn't zay anyting you don't know someting apout." After another silence, during which Texas continued to hold his hands above his head, Meyer added, "Kelly, you may come to an order.

She was very fond of gayeties, and her sudden death was a great surprise for she seemed vigorous enough to round out the century. Miss Kate took charge of little Zay while her mother was on the journey and through those years spent in hospitals and sanitoriums. She has been most devoted, refusing several good offers of marriage, but I suppose Mrs.