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A brigand give it me when 'e 'old up ze train between Mexico City and ze coast. A fine fellow with a sombrero and a manner!" And 'e bow and say: 'One does not take ransom from Mademoiselle Labelle. One pays tribute. And 'e give me this to remember 'im by as I give it you, Monsieur Robert." He stood up sharply. "No I I don't care for that kind of thing." "For your wife, then!" "I am not married."

Uncle Paul was rapidly growing as excited as his nephew, while the waiter, if it were possible, was as full of eagerness as both together, and forgetting all his duties and the dinner that he had ordered to be prepared, he cried "Ze rain is ovare; you come vith me. I take you out ze back way and down ze little rue which take us to the quay."

The amusing French girl, who having picked up many fag-ends of English from her experience with the soldats Américains got her "animals" mixed "you have my goat, I have your goat, et tie ze bull outside," and so on. I am crossing Irene and Fay here because I think them similar, only I must say I think the magic was greater in Fay, because possibly Fay was the greater student of emotion.

Go to ze house on ze hill mebbe zey know " He closed the door, and, through the open window, Timothy saw him sit down, still holding the baby and looking at it as though the interrupting episode were already forgotten. The old man shivered with a passing eerie sense of being like a ghost knocking vainly at the doors of the living.

I forgot zat is 'is Ismailiah 'ouse," pointing a long, brown finger to a huge pink edifice, standing like a huge pink birthday cake under the blazing sun on the edge of the town "'e 'as no woman no not an one not wife not lady zere is tales of one wife long ago over zere," pointing vaguely in the direction he imagined South Arabia might be, "but feared, we say and ask nozing no! ze great Hahmed live alone not zere " Once more pointing contemptuously to the pink abode.

The cook seemed to be feeling for a new grip. "Here! What are you doing?" cried the inventor. "Don't touch any of those handles." "It is that I seek a place for ze hand," murmured the cook apologetically. "Well, find it and let her down. Got your grip?" "Aha! I have eet!" announced the Frenchman, clutching one of the brass knobs. "All right. Down!" Down went the Gasowashine.

Within fifteen minutes the carriage halted again, and before another silk store. The doctor said: "Ah, the palace of the Louvre beautiful, beautiful edifice! Does the Emperor Napoleon live here now, Ferguson?" "Ah, Doctor! You do jest; zis is not ze palace; we come there directly. But since we pass right by zis store, where is such beautiful silk " "Ah! I see, I see.

Gilbert asked, incredulously. Lopez winked. "Ees all right." "Where did you get it?" the American persisted. "I rob ze bank," said Lopez; and thought nothing more of it. "Robbed the bank?" Gilbert was wide-eyed now. "Sure! Ees what I go to town for." Jones turned away. "It's all off again!" The bandit was discouraged. "No! I am become business man what are tired myself!

Bonker, I haf a suspection!” he exclaimed, suddenly. “It is not I, bot you, who are ze friend to ze beautiful Lady Alicia. You are not doing me fair!” “My dear Baron!” “It is so: you are not doing me fair,” the Baron reiterated. “My dear fellow,” replied Mr Bunker, “it is you are so much in love that you have lost your wonted courage. You don’t use your chances.” “I do not get zem.”

She name me Antonio after ze blessed Saint Anthony of Padua. If you lose anysing, signorina, and you say a prayer to Saint Anthony every day for nine days, on ze morning of ze tenth you will find it again. 'That is very interesting, she said politely. 'How do you come to know English so well, Tony? 'We go live in Amerik' when I li'l boy. 'And you never learned Italian?

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