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Be assured of my most faithful veneration. Long live Altenburg! Farewell, you dear unique one. Your HOTEL DU LOUVRE, No. 364. January 30th, 1858. You have struck up a regular friendship with Calderon in Paris, dearest Richard; a la bonne heure, he is one of the right sort in whose society one may forget many blackguards and blackguardisms.

"It is the original of one now in the Louvre which is known to have belonged to the Grand Louis." "That was Mr. Vantine's belief," I said. "Why he should have arrived at that conclusion, I don't know " "Mr. Vantine was a connoisseur," said M. Armand, quietly. "There are certain indications which no connoisseur could mistake."

It was not one of those lucky freaks of fate often followed by long disgrace: no, that Minister's triumph rested on solid foundations. Not only he saw at his feet, in the Louvre, all his former enemies vanquished, but not one of them able to rise again in enmity, for all their strength was exhausted. The wearied citizens wanted repose, and placed all their hopes in royalty.

These are the only words he spoke after he was wounded. "In a moment the carriage turned towards the Louvre. When he was at the steps where he had got into the carriage, which are those of the queen's room, some wine was given him. Of course some one had already run forward to bear the news.

"We went to the Louvre three times, and to Versailles and St. Cloud," said Katy, wilfully misunderstanding her. "Oh, I didn't mean that kind of stupid thing; I meant gowns. What did you buy?" "One tailor-made suit of dark blue cloth." "My! what moderation!" Shopping played a large part in Lilly's reminiscences.

Henry was much pleased with this opportune communication by de Colly of the private instructions to the Emperor's envoy, by which he was enabled to meet the wild and fierce young man with an arrogance at least equal to his own. The interview was a stormy one. The King was alone in the gallery of the Louvre, not choosing that his words and gestures should be observed.

Acting upon this impression they hastened to solicit a private audience of the Regent, declaring that they had matters of great importance to treat with her, which they would only communicate to herself; and their satisfaction was complete when an answer was returned appointing an hour for their appearance at the Louvre, and naming as the place of their reception the private closet of the Queen.

This manner of procedure of De la Planche and Comans has an interest far deeper than the mere financial venture of the men of the early Seventeenth Century, because it forces upon us the fact that at that time, and earlier, no state ateliers existed. It was Henri IV who first saw the wisdom of using the public purse in advancing this industry. He established Du Bourg in the Louvre.

"Ah! that is a state secret." "But my father went to the Louvre, and I also, and the guards said they did not know what we meant." "All the more reason that he should be there." "You think so?" "I am sure of it, and if you wish to be so also " "How?" "By seeing." "Can I?" "Certainly." "But if I go there, they win send me away, as they did before." "Would you like to go in?"

The others, a little uneasy at the turn things had taken, went back to Paris together. Towards ten o'clock the king repaired to the apartment of his mother, with whom he had a long and private conversation. After dinner, he got into his carriage, and went straight to the Louvre.