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'That is, if you'd like to have an idea of a young Catherine or a Semiramisminus an army and a country. There's nothing she's not capable of aiming at. And there's pretty well nothing and nobody she wouldn't make use of. She has great notions of the power of the British Press and the British purse each in turn as a key to the other. Now for an egg, Kathleen.

I have never met with any Turkish official who would take the slightest interest in plans for the improvement of the country, unless he discovered a means of filling his private purse. Thus in a country where Nature has been hard in her measure dealt to the inhabitants, they are still more reduced by oppression.

And may God give us grace that while we live we may always hear you well spoken of." In a few simple words the boy promised to remember, and took a loving farewell of her. Then his lady mother drew from her sleeve a little purse, in which were her private savings: six gold crowns and one in small change, and this she gave to her son.

"Oh, are you going to take us out to sea?" gasped Amy. "Please don't! I'll do anything if you will release us. See, I have money," and she brought out a little gold purse from a skirt pocket. At the sight of the gleaming metal the crone's eyes glittered. "Don't be afraid," she said. "You won't be harmed. All we want to know is " A knock interrupted her.

That in his lodging there was a gold watch and a purse containing such and such money and a trunk containing such and such clothes, but no passport and no papers, except that on his table was a pack of cards and that he had written in pencil on the back of the ace of hearts: "To the authorities. When I am dead, pray send what is left, as a last Legacy, to Mrs.

But I know you agree with me that the best way to assist posterity is to be true to your contemporaries, so there I need say no more except that the hopeless man can do the least for his fellows, being unable to give them any thing that should render them other than hopeless themselves; and if, for the grandeur of it, a man were to cast away his purse in order to have the praise of parting with the two mites left in his pocket, you would simply say the man was a fool.

Then she read from her book: "'Just imagine my showing him this purse." "'Oh! it's exceedingly pretty. Let me look at it," began Madame de Guiraud in a falsetto voice, as she rose with a silly expression on her face. When the servant had opened the door to her, Helene had pictured a scene entirely different from this.

"It's awfully decent of you, Herrick. You have heard of my wife's disappearance?" "Yes. I suppose you have no idea what can have taken her away?" "Not the slightest. The maids say now that her thick motor coat and cap are gone, and her purse with a few pounds in, I don't know how much is missing from her drawer. But where she has gone is a complete mystery."

Please, sir, will you look in this here little purse given to you by the honest hand of toil, and see if it contains the price of a hundred of those nasty Joy-bells. There's my three months' wage in that purse, sir, so I expect it will prove sufficient." The editor opened the little purse gingerly. "Do you wish your friend to subscribe for you?" he asked, looking at Jasmine.

As a result, the baron won easily; but the gain in purse did not seem to cheer him, for he looked discontented even as he pocketed his winnings. And as every gallant speech his commander made the girl had deepened this look, the cause for the feeling was not far to seek.