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"Thank you, Jerry-Jo," the voice faltered; "but I wish it had the tear spot." "That was his book; this is yours." An angry light flashed in Jerry-Jo's eyes. He had arranged this surprise with great pains and had used all his savings. "But it cannot be the same, Jerry-Jo. Thank you but " "Give us another kiss?" The young fellow begged. Priscilla drew back and held out the book. "No."

The hammer which I held in my hand to drive back the bolts of the shutters flew from my grasp and struck the great mirror, the new mirror which had just been bought, and was not yet hung up. All the savings of a year were shivered to fragments in an instant. My horror at this catastrophe recalled my presence of mind; for I was a poor woman, dependent for my bread on the family.

"Now that I see what you can do," he said, "I shall send you out again." "Perhaps you will find my services too expensive." "No. In addition to my regular percentage I receive an extra hundred dollars for getting the full eight thousand dollars." Andy cashed the check, and deposited the money in a savings bank. He did not pay it to Mr.

She did not know that her father was drawing upon his precious savings for daily needs, she did not know how her aunt Eva and her uncle Jim were getting into greater difficulties every day, but she was too sensitive not to be aware of disturbances which were not in direct contact with herself.

The savings to be made in dealing with the coal traffic must not be taken as exhausting all possible reforms; the particulars given as to this traffic only indicate and suggest the wide area covered by this monopoly, which hitherto has made but halting and feeble efforts to keep pace with the requirements of the public.

Each of these girls had a large supply of dresses and shirt-waists of the latest style, and altogether the two weeks' vacation ate up, in many cases, the savings of months To be sure, the "two-weekers" of the gentle sex were not the only marriageable young women in the place. They had a number of heiresses to compete with

It came in sums of one hundred up to five hundred dollars, from the most unexpected sources little hoards that covered the savings of many years. It came from widows and orphans; it came from clergymen; it came from small tradesmen and farmers; it came from the best business men in the place and region.

What do I want with it, too? Dear me! I wish they hadn't sent it. I sha' n't sleep in peace. You must e'en put it in your own pouch, and button it up tight, boy." Lenny smiled, and took the note; but he took it to Mr. Dale, and begged him to put it into the Savings Bank for his mother. The day following he went to take leave of his master, of Jackeymo, of the fountain, the garden.

For two months that was a sort of savings bank for my work. I would run over and work that land, occasionally, until, about the first week in June, I had it prepared just as mellow and fine and nice as it was possible to make it. It was nice enough for flower seeds." "I builded better then than I knew. I had no idea what the result was going to be.

His father had had a vision far more realistic and terrifying. His father had seen the whole course of his printing business brought to a standstill, and all his savings dragged out of him to pay for reconstruction and for new machinery. His father had seen loss of life which might be accounted to his negligence.

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