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The blue damask curtains had been looped back from the western window, and the broad band of yellow belting in the sky threw a mellow light over the bed where lay the unconscious heiress of the grand old Hill. Fever rouged the polished cheeks usually pure as alabaster, and touched the parted lips with deeper scarlet, lending a brilliant and almost unearthly beauty to the sculptured features.

Dove's eyes beaconed as the cider went its way. The sweet lingering tang filled the arch of his palate with a soft mellow cheer. His gaze fell upon us as his head tilted gently backward. We wish there had been a painter there someone like F. Walter Taylor to rush onto canvas the gorgeous benignity of his aspect. It would have been a portrait of the rich Flemish school.

However, Miss Campbell's fears were immediately set at rest, for the long, low-ceiled drawing-room of the villa was furnished in European fashion with plenty of comfortable arm-chairs and sofas made of bamboo. The floors were covered with thick soft mats and the front walls facing the piazza were really sliding panels covered with opaque paper through which the light cast a soft mellow luster.

It was night in the streets, and the lamps were sparkling everywhere; the broad bases and shoulders of the mountains were in a deep gloom, but their summits swam in a strange rich glow which was really daylight, and yet had a mellow something about it which was very different from the hard white glare of the kind of daylight I was used to.

You do address the ladies in a most graceful fashion, and Molly likes it. I can see that." "Assuredly I do, sir," said she who had been Molly Brant, the Mohawk, but who was now the wife of the greatest man in the north country. "Tis a goodly youth and he speaks well. I like him, and he shall have the best our house can offer." Colonel Johnson's mellow laugh rang out again.

There is a mellow richness, a subdued color, in the old pictures, which is to the eye what muffled and mellowed sound is to the ear. That is the merit which is most loudly praised in the old picture, and is the one which the copy most conspicuously lacks, and which the copyist must not hope to compass.

He shuffled along and sat down in a big brotherly way by the girl's side. She sat still, looking at him with a half amused smile on her lips. He smiled back at her abstractedly. She could see that he had not yet really seen her. He was looking thoughtfully across at the hill beyond: "It puzzles me," he said in a fine, mellow voice, "why I should find this rotten limestone cropping out here.

It was a low, mellow laugh now; and she rather enjoyed it. "I should like to know what a million is," she observed. "Ten hundred thousand." "And how many million miles did you say the sun is?" "Ninety-five millions of miles away." Daisy lay thinking about it. "Can you imagine travelling faster? And then we need not be so long on the journey," said Dr. Sandford.

They were running, of course, by sight, like greyhounds, and with greyhounds' speed. Above their eager mellow notes, and the mad shouting of the excited sportsmen, and the ceaseless winding of the disregarded horn, above the thunder of his own wheels, and of the hoofs of his strange steeds upon the wintry road, rang out Carew's hoarse tones: "The gate, the gate!"

There was a pause. Then Armitage's mellow musical voice again broke the silence. "I can never thank you, Blythe!" he said "You blessed old man as you are! You seem to me like a god disguised in a tweed suit! You have changed life for me altogether! I must cease to be a wandering scamp on the face of the earth! I must try to be worthy of my fair and famous daughter! How strange it seems!

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