Again assembling our men we once more took up our weary retreat, arriving that evening in Shenkursk, where, worn and completely exhausted, we flung ourselves on floors and every available place to rest for the coming siege, about to begin.

Why don't they have just regular straight floors and things? Wait, pet. Don't rub against my ankles so hard, you nearly knock me over. The man'll come back in a minute and help us up. I don't see how you ever got down here unless you fell down. Hello! Man! Man! Hel lo! The lantern glimmer appeared once more, but at the extreme end of the building, and seemed rapidly receding.

Franklin he is the oldest son, sir, and a very nice man, a very nice man sent me word by letter that I was to get the house ready. It isn't the first time I have done it for them, sir, and as soon as I could get the basement key from the agent, I came here, and worked all day yesterday, washing up the floors and dusting. I should have been at them again this morning if my husband hadn't been sick.

From the court a staircase, with an air of leading nowhere in particular, climbed lazily to the second storey and thereby justified its modest pretensions; for the two upper floors of Troyon's might have been plotted by a nightmare-ridden architect after witnessing one of the first of the Palais Royal farces.

The rescue performed by Tom and Harry had been a simple enough achievement. Shut off from every other means of escape, they remembered the dumbwaiter that ran from the kitchen up to the floors above. The two little children were sent down on the dumb-waiter, Harry riding on the top of the wooden frame. Mrs.

In other streets it was the front that was intact, but when our captain opened the street door we faced a cellar. Nothing beside remained. Or else we stepped upon creaky floors that sagged, through rooms swept by the iron brooms into vast dust heaps. From these protruded wounded furniture the leg of a table, the broken arm of a chair, a headless statue.

"Into the elevator," MacLeod ordered. An increasing pressure of Kato's knife emphasized the order. "And watch him; don't let him get rid of anything," he added to the Greek. "If you would explain this outrage " Lowiewski began. "I assume it is your idea of a joke " Without even replying, MacLeod slammed the doors and started the elevator upward, letting it rise six floors to the living quarters.

Ordinarily the floor must he rewaxed about every three months, but a pound of wax, that will cover two ordinary sized rooms, costs only 50 cents, and it may be applied by anyone. To keep the floors in best condition the wax brush should be passed over them every fortnight. Varnish floors scratch but are not affected by water, and on the whole are rather more popular than oil or wax.

All this is done by the women, as well as the plastering of the inside walls and the making of the plaster floors. Now the owner prepares four more eagle feathers and ties them to a little willow stick whose end is inserted in one of the central roof beams. No home is complete without this, for it is the soul of the house and the sign of its dedication.

For Peter Koch lived round the corner in the Kleine Schmiedegasse, and of course well, it is only neighbourly to take an interest in those who drink milk from the same cow and buy wood from the same Jew. The fishwife looked thoughtfully down the Frauengasse where every house has a different gable, and none of less than three floors within the pitch of the roof.