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Chunky, growing sleepy, had crawled to the rear of the tent, where he sat leaning against the closed flap, nodding drowsily. Finally they saw him straighten up and brush a hand over the back of his head. "He's dreaming," laughed Ned. "Imagines he's rolling down the river bank again." Suddenly they were aroused by the fat boy's voice raised in angry protest.

Don't pay any attention to my husband; he's a vulgar man! Jane stepped forward. 'I'm sure he looks very nice, Mrs. Byass. 'Of course he does, bless him! Sam, get your coat on, and brush your hat, and let Miss Snowdon teach you how to behave yourself. Well, we're going to leave the house in your care, Jane. We shall be back some time to-morrow night, but goodness knows when.

"A thousand dollars or less," answered the knight of the brush. "I guess it's less," said Phil. "That's where your head's level, young chap." "Is the post-office far from here?" "Over half a mile, I reckon." "Is it on this street?" "No, it's on Nassau Street." "If you will show me the way there I'll give you ten cents." "All right! The walk'll do me good. Come on!"

The curly head rested heavily on his shoulder, and his arms ached with their burden, but he never moved except to brush away the flies, or fan the flushed face of the little sleeper with his hat. Something in the tired face, the large appealing eyes, and the droop of the sensitive mouth, touched her deeply. She crossed the aisle and sat down by him.

She laughed softly, and again she found my hand and I felt her hair brush my face and her body rest against my shoulder. "Why, Armand?" she asked. "Why may you not kiss your betrothed?" "Because," said I, "because " "Yes, dear, go on," she whispered. I drew my hand away from hers. "Did you not hear that woman claim me as her husband?" I said. But she only pressed the closer.

This stream of warm water flowed down from a gully that headed up in the Funeral Mountains. It had a disagreeable taste, somewhat acrid and soapy. A green thicket of brush was indeed welcome to the eye. It consisted of a rank coarse kind of grass, and arrowweed, mesquite, and tamarack. The last named bore a pink fuzzy blossom, not unlike pussy-willow, which was quite fragrant.

And look under the sacred feet, on the ground blessed by their pressure; no dash of hurrying brush has been there: less than a long day's light, eve, did not suffice to give in individual shape and shade every minutest pebble and mote of that shore of Jordan. Every one of them was worth painting, for we are viewing them as in the light of His presence who made them all and knew them all.

You do as I say, Jakie. When they get near, we'll hide and let 'em pass us. That's the way." They hurried, but they kept listening. At what he thought ought to be the right time when the voices and the twig-crackings were louder Lewis grasped Jacob's arm. "Now! Into the brush on this side, quick! No noise!" They hid in a good place.

And she reached the margin of the woods, to be confronted with an interminable black jungle of fallen and decaying tree-trunks, limbs and thick standing brush, over which, and out of which, stood the dense tops of young trees. She paused for a moment, and turning to the left, thought to skirt about this obstruction, until she should reach the fence and field, which she was sure were now near her.

The Baronet pocketed his note-book, stared through an eye-glass, and then waved his stick; and he on his side, and the Countess and the Prince on theirs, advanced with somewhat quicker steps. They met at the re-entrant angle, where a thin stream sprayed across a boulder and was scattered in rain among the brush; and the Baronet saluted the Prince with much punctilio.