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Probably they had been dead ere they reached the ground, but I felt a shuddering dread lest perhaps some lingering spark of life had been crushed out by the rolling animals. We had nearly reached the road when our attention was arrested by stifled cries and groans proceeding from a little log cabin which had been nearly demolished during the fight.

He came forward, and in response to another burst of applause commenced to play Delibes's "Fizzicati." He had played but a few measures when he leaned over as if to speak to one of the musicians in the orchestra. He paused a moment, and then fell slowly forward on his face. One of the musicians caught him before he touched the stage, and thus prevented his rolling off. All was over.

Often when playing I could not keep the tears which formed in my eyes from rolling down my cheeks. Sometimes at the end or even in the midst of a composition, as big a boy as I was, I would jump from the piano, and throw myself sobbing into my mother's arms. She, by her caresses and often her tears, only encouraged these fits of sentimental hysteria.

The side of the cart was burst right out; the donkey had fallen down and cut his knees badly; the potatoes was rolling down the hill; the flour had some of it come out of the sack in a great heap, and the vinegar and treacle was running slowly through it.

"I never laughed at Mr Markitall but once, sir, that I can recollect, and that was when he tumbled over the messenger." "And why did you laugh at him then, sir?" "I always do laugh when any one tumbles down," replied the lad; "I can't help it, sir." "Then, sir, I suppose you would laugh if you saw me rolling in the lee-scuppers?" said the captain.

I am in command here, and I won't have you throwing baseballs at me." "I just told you it was an accident. If the yacht hadn't rolled just as I threw the ball it would not have hit you." "Bah! I know boys, and you especially. You love to play tricks on everybody. But you can't play tricks on me." And as the mate spoke he stopped, picked up the rolling ball, and put it in his pocket.

These bloodthirsty wretches, inured to death and thinking nothing of it, seemed cast down, and at the camping place they drew aside, chattered together for a few minutes, and then the corporal came to Berselius and began a harangue, his eyes rolling toward Adams now and then as he proceeded. Berselius listened, spoke a few words, and then turned to Adams.

Fortunately the spot, on which he fell, happened to be one of those soft muddy places, in which the buffaloes are fond of rolling their huge bodies, in the heat of summer, so that, with the exception of a bruised and dirty face, and badly soiled clothes, the bold artist was none the worse for his adventure. Summer passed away, autumn passed away, and winter came.

Then entering and seating himself on a chair, he took some minutes to recover speech, rolling his eyes staringly round the meagre, unluxurious room, and then concentrating their gaze upon its occupier. "Peste, my dear Marquis!" he said at last, "I hope the next time I visit you the ascent may be less arduous. One would think you were in training to ascend the Himalaya."

Early in our work upon the plains we learned how easy it is to lose one's way. The vast sea of land seems absolutely flat, but in reality it is a gently rolling surface full of slopes and hollows, every one of which looks exactly like the others. But after a time we developed a land sense. The Mongols all have it to an extraordinary degree.