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The twins were flying round the room, their curls were loose, and a wild light sparkled in their eyes. "Let them romp about," thought Paul, "they must return to misery soon enough." But that there was no misery for them never occurred to him. When Elsbeth was replaced at the piano by somebody else, she came towards him and said, "You are very much bored, are you not?" "Oh no," he said.

As they walked down the hill again, he startled his companion by a merry outbreak. "Tell me you are not mine!" he said: "there never was a joke like it!" On her return home Elise found Sister Benigna seated at the piano, attuning herself, as she said, after her work among the restive children of her school.

There were engravings after Burne Jones and Rossetti on the walls, and Frank stopped to look at them as he followed Lady Seveley upstairs. She went straight to the piano. "Are you fond of music?" she said. "Yes; there is nothing I like more than fiddling at the piano." "Then do play something." "Oh, no, not for worlds. I only strum, I don't know my notes.

The piano has been idle all winter, so it must make up for lost time now." Glen told Nannie nothing about her experiences that afternoon. She was afraid that this woman, gifted with more than ordinary insight, might read her heart.

It was beautiful always, but most beautiful when the sun, setting behind Ischia, sent a perfect glory over the rippling sea, and tinged the Monte Santangelo and the cliffs which bound the Piano di Sorrento literally with purple and gold.

Since a piano should be chosen for quality rather than appearance, an instrument of any finish is allowable in a room, whatever its decorative scheme. Except in a family containing an expert performer, a piano should be chosen for softness and richness of tone, instead of brilliancy.

And as the piano clicked down its cover, he would yawn, and get up and say something in very rapid German to himself, and off he would go, forgetting all about his book or newspaper, which, very likely, would tumble to the floor, and flap away by itself till somebody came and picked it up and set it on the sofa. One morning old Mr.

The officers were rising from their chairs, the A.P. at the piano was looking towards the Commander for permission to crash out the opening bars of the Anthem that would swing the audience as one man to its feet. At that moment a Signalman threaded his way through the chairs and saluted the Captain. The latter took the signal-pad extended to him, and read the message.

By purchasing them, he has taken them out of the power of the creditors, some of whom were very bad men. He bought Rosa's piano, and several other articles to which they were attached on their father's and mother's account, and conveyed them privately to the new home he had provided for them.

And her mother, there, that played the violin, she's got some nice irrigated land, and even Hughie, that played, he makes money playing for dances in the different towns. Oh, they're smart folks." "Is Hughie the brother?" asked Hanson, looking at the boy, who sat listlessly at the piano. "No. Adopted." Jimmy spoke briefly.