Not face downward, on a rug and with swiftly-moving eyes and hurrying breath, as was her custom with a living book, but she had merely picked up the History of England and sat with it quite listlessly on a chair. And Muffie was standing at the window, breathing on a pane from time to time and then drearily drawing figures upon her breath.

He bends his long neck, and breathing loudly through his nose, makes a spoon out of a big crooked bit of wood; the other a little scraggy, pock-marked peasant with an aged face, a scanty moustache, and a little goat's beard sits with his hands dangling loose on his knees, and without moving gazes listlessly at the light.

"Well;" he said, "got over your fool falling in love with a female old enough to be your mother?" Sam looked at him. "I hope your trip has put sense into you on that subject, anyhow?" "I love Mrs. Richie as much as I ever did, if that's what you mean, sir," Sam said listlessly. Upon which his grandfather flew into instant rage. "As much in love as ever! Gad-a-mercy!

Inside, Silvey's glance took in the prostrate figures of Sid, Red Brown, and Perry Alford, who were packed so closely together in the enclosure that they could scarcely move, then roamed listlessly past John with his insignia of office, out to the sunlit fence and railroad tracks. Red yawned wearily. "Hurry up and do something, Sil." "Where's Skinny?" asked the president. "Down town with Mrs.

"It is moved and seconded," Cicily declared listlessly, "that the president be rebuked for trying to be of some genuine use to herself and to her fellow women. All in favor of the motion will please say ay."

Empty stores and a general air of vanished prosperity are the main features of Kelton to-day; and the inhabitants seem to reflect in their persons the aspect of the town; most of them being freighters, who, finding their occupation gone, hang listlessly around, as though conscious of being fit for nothing else. >From Kelton I follow the lake shore, and at six in the afternoon arrive at the salt-works, near Monument Station, and apply for accommodation, which is readily given.

He laid the gold king on the board, and began listlessly to cast the dice. He threw the "Hathor" as it chanced, the lucky cast, two sixes, and a thought of better fortune came to him. "How did the song run, Meriamun? It is many a year since I heard thee sing." She touched the lute lowly and sweetly, and then she sang.

As the prices he asked were low, Ghatgay purchased the whole contents of his cart. When this was cleared, Harry left his cattle and wandered about, saying that he and the animals needed an hour's rest. Presently he passed Bajee Rao, who was standing listlessly at the door of a tent. "I am Puntojee," Harry said, as he passed. "I followed you with the horse, that I might help you to escape."

"Come over here and listen to a story," said the aunt, when the bachelor had looked twice at her and once at the communication cord. The children moved listlessly towards the aunt's end of the carriage. Evidently her reputation as a story-teller did not rank high in their estimation.

The next day's drive would bring them to the home ranch, where Eagle Creek was fuming over the lateness of the season, the condition of the range, and the June rains, which had thus far failed even to moisten decently the grass-roots. "Let's ride over to Camas; all the other fellows have gone," Pink proposed listlessly, drawing in his line. Rowdy as listlessly consented.