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For months we knew not the luxury of the glass pane. That summer we "changed work" with the neighbors, and after we had helped them awhile they turned to in the clearing of our farm. We felled the trees in long, bushy windrows, heaping them up with brush and small wood when the chopping was over.

But there's a big tree close by, and the branches of that brush the pane of glass." "Ah! I see! I see! All the soap dishes in the house left filled last night and found filled this morning, captain?" "Good heavens! I don't know. What on earth can soap dishes have to do with it, man?" "Possibly nothing, probably a great deal particularly if there's found to be a cake of soap in each.

And we 'll probably learn a few more things about your character when we 've gotten back there and interviewed " He stopped his accusations to leap forward, clutching wildly. But in vain. With a lunge, Squint Rodaine had turned, then, springing high from the floor, had seemed to double in the air as he crashed through the big pane of the window and out to the twenty-foot plunge which awaited him.

I was now near the entrance of the shop, and by a sleight-of-hand trick, keeping the corner of my eye on the glass pane of the private office, I removed the key of the front door without a sound, and took an impression of it in wax, returning the key to its place unobserved. At this moment another young man came in, and walked straight past me into the private office. I heard him say,

According to the Gazette d'Utrecht, cited by M. Funck-Brentano, the window in Jeanne's cell was 'at a height of ten feet above the floor. Yet the useful soldier, outside, introduced the end of his musket 'through a broken pane of glass. This does not seem plausible.

Andrews was roused suddenly from his thoughts; he had been watching the snowflakes in their glittering dance just outside the window pane, when the sound of someone rubbing his hands very close to him made him look up.

You look through an unpretending pane of glass, stained yellow the first thing you see is a mass of quivering foliage, ten short steps before you, in the midst of which is a ragged opening like a gateway-a thing that is common enough in nature, and not apt to excite suspicions of a deep human design and above the bottom of the gateway, project, in the most careless way! a few broad tropic leaves and brilliant flowers.

Bridget smiled, and said, "It takes so little to make the poor lads happy;" and then, Johnny pulled at my gown again, and pointed up in the corner, and right between the windows, where nearly every pane of glass was broken out, stood a brand new cooking stove, with all its shining pots and pans and kettles, set in order on the top, as if the most magnificent dinner that ever was dreamed of, was hissing and stewing and broiling and baking and roasting inside.

Afterward, when she looked through the pane of glass in the coffin-lid and beheld Mary's face, it seemed not so much like death or life as like a wax-work wrought into the perfect image of a child asleep and dreaming of its mother's smile.

At the same moment there was a loud tapping on the glass behind them. Vere looked round. Gaspare was crouching down with his face against the pane. She put her ear to the glass by his mouth. "Signorina, you must not go into the bows," he called. "If you will come out, come here, and I will take care of you." He knew Vere's love of the sea and understood her desire. "Go, Vere," said Hermione.

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